【Introductory case introduction】 Logistics support robot CarriRo® Yuri Industry, Introduction aimed at labor saving by improving transportation efficiency at factories

【Introductory case introduction】 Logistics support robot CarriRo®
Introduction aimed at labor saving by improving transportation efficiency at Yuri Kogyo and factories
- "No construction cost required", "Easy transportation route change", "Improvement of transportation capacity" is selected Selection point -

CarriRo , a logistics support robot sold by ZMP Corporation (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter referred to as ZMP), aims to reduce labor in Yuri Industry Co., Ltd. by improving transportation efficiency at the factory . We are pleased to announce the case on our website this time.

【CarriRo introduction case introduction】 Yuri Industry Co., Ltd.

Yuri Kogyo Co., Ltd. was founded in September 1955 in Yurihonjo city (former Nishimi-cho) in Akita prefecture.
Since then, we have accumulated credibility by carefully responding to every single task before our eyes, and have been deeply involved in the manufacture of electronic parts that play a leading role in the times, for more than half a century. In addition, in recent years, utilizing the manufacturing control know-how cultivated through "manufacturing," launched a solution business such as precision cleaning, single crystal manufacturing, secondary battery entrustment test, etc. In addition,we acquired international certification (Nadcap) in June 2017. We continue to challenge further growth, including cooperation with group companies developing in the prefecture. To realize the company idea "Contribute to the local society through creation", we are currently striving through our daily operations.

The person in charge of improvement at the headquarter factory of the company headquarters factory in charge of improvement of electronic parts division of CarriRo said, "As the transportation work accompanying the increase in production increases, the shock to the transported goods due to falling loads during transportation and touching the walls It is a challenge to avoid, to have to establish safety with pedestrians during transportation work, labor is required for transportation work that does not produce added value, risks are also occurring, the investment amount is reduced I was exploring how to solve these problems. "

The company introduced CarriRo for the purpose of "labor saving by improving transportation efficiency", "improvement of 3K (kiken · kitanai · kitsui) of transportation work and reduction of shock to products", and as a reason for choosing CarriRo, It can be expected to be utilized in various processes without cost of magnetic tape construction etc. "" It is easy to change the transport route which is the merit of the automatic following type unlike the AGV "" It is also possible to improve the carrying capacity by the Karugamo mode "That" Maximum loading capacity is 100 kg and that heavy goods can be transported "and" Safety functions such as collision avoidance function by sensor are substantial ".

As an effect after the introduction, "One time of transportation has increased three times in conjunction with a hand-held truck by following two cars in Karugamo mode." In the past the number of times of transportation per day was 30 times which is 10 times now, The walking distance has been reduced from 12,000 meters to 4,000 meters and the time has been reduced from 3 hours to 1 hour by roughly one third .The accomplishment of labor saving has made it possible to satisfy other work "

Regarding future developments, "We are considering the use of calibro that meets the effective needs by identifying work risks and improvement measures of other processes, and we will continue to feedback on usage situation and requests etc., We are expecting to make suggestions and improve functions etc. "

About CarriRo
CarriRo is a cart type logistics support robot with a drive mode that allows operation with a joystick and a karugamo mode that automatically tracks a beacon (transmitter). It is capable of carrying rechargeable baggage up to 150 kg for 8 hours continuously, making it efficient for picking operations in warehouses and distribution centers, and for inter-process conveyance in the factory.


5 year lease monthly charge 28,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit

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