Tokyo Metropolitan Government Selected "Project for Building Business Models Utilizing Autonomous Driving Technology"

- Service trials using Autonomous Driving taxi in the city center -

- Project announcement at 10th ZMP Forum on July 18th -

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter referred to as ZMP) together with HINOMARU KOTSU Co., Ltd. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (President & CEO, Kazutaka Tomita, hereinafter referred to as HINOMARU KOTSU) is working on the project for building business model utilizing Autonomous Driving technology.
This project uses the Autonomous Driving vehicle RoboCar® MiniVan developed by ZMP. We will verify usage measures such as eliminating driver shortages on city routes with high demand, and vehicle dispatch services using ICT technology.
The contents of this project will be announced on the first day of the "10th ZMP Forum" to be held from July 18th.

RoboCar® MiniVan during public road demonstration test

Outline: Using a smartphone, we make reservations for Autonomous Driving taxis, dispatch, and payment. In Autonomous Driving taxis, the system automatically operates all lane changes, left and right turns, stops, etc. (human intervention only in case of emergency).
Location: from Chiyoda-ku to Minato-ku

ZMP commenced the demonstration experiment of Autonomous Driving in the state of Aichi prefecture's public road in 2014, afterwards, the experiment has been started where traffic volume is extremely high, like towards Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo where our office is located, and now to 2020. We also develop and verify functions such as lane change and intersection, right turn and turn in many traffic environment of Odaiba etc. Last December we conducted a public road demonstration experiment with drivers not riding in the driver's seat at the very beginning of the whole country as it was the first demonstration experiment under the support of the Tokyo Auto Travel One Center.

In June 2017, we started collaborating with Hinomaru Kotsu to realize Autonomous Driving taxis and are developing and demonstrating services along with the development of Autonomous Driving technology. ZMP will utilize the knowledge gained from this demonstration experiment to further develop technology and improve safety, and aim to realize an autonomous taxi in 2020.

【10th ZMP Forum Summary】
ZMP Forum 2018 " ZMP implementation of Autonomous Driving and ADAS technology to change the movement of people and goods "
ZMP has been holding the ZMP Forum every year since 2009, with the intention of contributing to the acceleration of technological development.
Date and time:
July 18, 2018 (Wednesday) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (from 6:30 pm ~ Social gathering)
July 19, 2018 (Thursday) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (from 5:00 pm ~ Item Demo & Experience Meeting)
July 20, 2018 (Friday) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Venue: Bellesalle Iidabashi (3-8-5 Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Sumitomo Real Estate Iidabashi Ekimae Building)
Participation fee: Free (fee is charged for social gathering)

※ The announcement on this project will be on Wednesday, July 18th (Wednesday) from 10:30 am.

【Program details】
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Schedule updated as of June 13th

【How to apply】
Please apply with the following reservation form.
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