Please welcome the newest members of ZMP family!!

-Characters representing ZMP - "ZEO" , "MOW" , "POW"-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) announced new members of the ZMP family inorder to reach our company activities and product information to the customers.

ZMP Image characters "ZEO" "MOW" "POW" respectively

In 2019, we want to actually contribute to solve social issues and customer's problems by practical application and mass production of robot / Autonomous driving technology. We will deliver products and services to more customers and that is our slogan "From R & D to mass production" meant to be.We devised these character image to make our products more familiar.

From the left, the names of the three kinds of characters are ZEO , MOW , POW and when the first letter of the three names are joined together, it becomes ZMP. In addition, IZAC®, an Autonomous driving computer developed by ZMP can be mounted on the brains of this character.Behind the head is the IZAC® logo (imaged a red brain).

From now on, this image characters will be active in ZMP product introduction,events and various activities to make it reach our customers.

Autonomous operation computer IZAC® logo

【Character appearance】

From the front left

From the back

【Character Introduction】

【Related product】

Autonomous driving computer IZAC® is a central platform product that plays the brains of Autonomous driving developed by ZMP and provides "recognition", "judgment", and "operation" functions of Autonomous driving. Inorder to improve the function for commercialization,mass production and to improve the quality the new improved version , the Autonomous operation control algorithm of IZAC® is independently developed by ZMP. We with Bridgestone Corporation started the development project to automate the tire noise tests, one of Bridgestone’s tire performance tests. The automated vehicle is powered by IZAC®, the autonomous driving software used in ZMP’s platform vehicle for autonomous driving. The development of Unmanned Autonomously operating Crawler dump truck "Crawler Dump CF-1” with KOMATSU is equipped with ZMP Autonomous Driving software IZAC®.

Autonomous driving computer IZAC® page: ​​​​​​​

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