New service category RoboTest® Solution for traveling data acquisition​ ​

-From planning and management of travel data acquisition overseas and nationwide
One-stop support for sales of data measurement loggers and analysis tools

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi , hereinafter ZMP) added a category of RoboTest® solution as a new product & service system that provides measurement and analysis of driving data and driving management.​ ​

The RoboTest® solution is a service that contributes to the efficiency of customer data measurement tasks by providing all kinds of business support and technical resources for acquiring driving data.

RoboTest® Solution
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This service organizes the service system of the driving data acquisition solution RoboTest® service which has been provided until now. We will provide new services by dividing them into three types. 1.Driving test & driving data acquisition solution "RoboTest®", 2. Customizable logger sales "Robo Data Logger", 3. Data Analysis and Analysis Platform Services : Robo Data Platform.

1. Driving Test & Driving Data Acquisition Solution "RoboTest®"
From the data measurement requirements and specification definition stage, we will deal with planning and management of vehicle arrangement and travel plans, planning of drivers and travel management etc., from Vehicle data measurement consistently.

2. Customizable logger sales "Robo Data Logger"
An extensible logger based on a standard logging system. Simultaneous measurement of multiple sensors is possible with simple operation. In addition, it also sells a simple measurement kit that can be easily installed and removed.

3. Data Analysis and Analysis Platform Service "Robo Data Platform"
A new service that visualizes data and supports analysis making travel data meaningful. Provides synchronous display of multiple data and tagging tool utilizing deep learning

In the past, we have promoted services centered on consulting and technical support for acquisition of travel data acquisition, but also by providing logger sales and data analysis / analysis environment that can measure various sensors simultaneously.It has become possible to provide a service that can handle from acquisition of driving data to analysis at one stop.

This service is used by OEMs, Tier 1 and other development departments and has supported the acquisition of data on ADAS and Autonomous Driving technology development. In the future, from data acquisition to data analysis, we will provide a total of services necessary for customers to acquire driving data.

【RoboTest® Solution New Category Page】

[RoboTest® Solution New Category Page Features]
・Integrate services related to Vehicle data measurement into one category
-Driving test and driving data acquisition solution "RoboTest®"
-Customizable logger sales "Robo Data Logger"
-Data analysis and analysis platform service "Robo Data Platform"

[About RoboTest® Solution]

Since 2012, ZMP has been providing data acquisition support services when driving on public roads, taking advantage of its own experience in Autonomous Driving technology development and testing. Upstream processes such as design and construction of a system (logger) necessary for traveling data acquisition as well as collecting and managing drivers necessary for traveling, arrangement of vehicles and necessary installation / modification, and data processing after acquisition. It is a service that can greatly reduce the time and effort of customers by carrying out all the way to data analysis

1. Consulting of driving data acquisition
2. Development of data acquisition system (hardware, software)
3. Operation management of recruitment and management of drivers, data acquisition
4. Data post-processing (according to customer's requirement specification such as tagging, format conversion)
5. Analysis and reporting of acquired data

For details of RoboTest®, please visit the following website.

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