Provides service development using the Autonomous Driving small EV bus RoboCar® Mini EV Bus

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) will start providing support for service development using the latest model RoboCar® Mini EV Bus based on a small EV bus vehicle in order to realize transportation of people and luggage using Autonomous Driving technology.

RoboCar® Mini EV Bus

ZMP's RoboCar® series is based on sedan, minivan, and SUV as a vehicle-type Autonomous Driving development platform that can be controlled from an external computer for Autonomous Driving, ADAS technology development, and service development. (*1) RoboCar® Mini EV Bus, a small EV bus type has been added to the lineup.

Among the automated driving services that are expected as one of the solutions to the labor shortage that has become a social problem in recent years, the expectation is growing especially for the Autonomous Driving of buses that can carry many people and luggage. In response to this, we will provide service development for businesses aiming to develop and implement Autonomous Driving services using Autonomous Driving vehicles based on small EV buses.

RoboCar® Mini EV Bus, the self-driving small EV bus equipped with IZAC®, which is the brain of Autonomous Driving and can be controlled by computer aiming to realize services for personnel transportation and luggage transportation. Based on the know-how accumulated by ZMP in many Autonomous Driving development and implementation projects, we support the construction of services for social implementation.

Support process up to operation implementation using an Autonomous Driving small EV bus

We will provide support services focusing on projects aimed at commercialization of MaaS on private land such as patrol buses in factory grounds, ramp buses at airports, buses in theme parks, and mobile buses in resort areas.

This self-driving small EV bus is a demonstration project aimed at automating the transportation of people in the airport. From March 18th to March 20th, 2019 we conducted demonstration tests of Autonomous vehicles in the Chubu International Airport restricted area.

[Autonomous Driving Outline of small EV bus]​​​​​​​

Vehicle used
ZMP RoboCar® Mini EV Bus * 1
Passenger Capacity
11 people (including driver seat)
Overall length x width x height
6.61 m × 2.32 m × 2.87 m
Vehicle weight
8,320 kg
Possess handle
Maximum speed
69 km/h
Full charge mileage
60-80 km (when A/C is off)
Charging time
About 1 hour
※ The time required for charging at 400V with 40% lithium battery remaining
Autonomous Driving method
Autonomous (without changing the infrastructure)
Basic function

Self-position estimation, obstacle recognition, vehicle control,​ ​

manual mode & automatic control mode switching, etc.

* 1) The base EV bus is manufactured by ANFUI ANKAI AUTOMOBILE of China.

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Autonomous Driving Small EV Bus RoboCar® Mini EV Bus

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