Announcement of mobility partner "Robocar® Walk" at ZMP World 2019

- New model of the RoboCar® series that transforms the movement of people -

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) launched a new model, mobility partner “Robocar® Walk” of the RoboCar® series that transforms the movement of people, during ZMP World 2019 which is scheduled from July 23rd (Tuesday) to July 26th (Friday).

ZMP's mission is "to create and empower new lifestyles by enabling free movement of people and goods", and we work towards to solve social issues.
For any disabled person, Robocar® Walk can autonomously bring to the destinations in airport, sightseeing spots, commercial facilities. It will be an important mobility for the realization of ZMP' MaaS which is aiming at the total optimization of the movement of people and goods.

Robocar® Walk is a complete new mobility partner. While performing Autonomous movement, it can also communicate with passing people with smiling face. We applied Autonomous Driving technology and communication engine which are developed for CarriRo® Deli, as Japan's first delivery robot.

President & CEO, Tsutomu Tannowa of Mitsui Chemicals Inc. which is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo and a soundscape designer, Kei Musha attended the press conference. Mitsui Chemicals Inc. has cooperated with us to select urethane material in the seat for the trail product. Mr. Musha has presented comfortable sound sign for Robocar® Walk from a visually handicapped person with a Grade 1. He also gives advice for a sound environment and human interface.

In the future, we will work on the commercialization and mass production of Robocar® Walk at airports and shopping centers.

[Press release] July 23rd (Thursday) from 10:15 am to 11:15 pm

Launch of mobility partner Robocar® Walk, new model of the RoboCar® Series that transforms the mobility of people.
Presented by Hisashi Taniguchi, CEO, ZMP Inc.​ ​

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Theme: "From R & D to mass production -Robolution by ZMP-"
Date and Time: From July 23rd (Tuesday) to July 26th (Friday) from 10:00 to 18:00​ ​
Venue : Bellesalle Iidabashi First Tokyo Bunkyo-ku Kouraku 2-6-1 Sumitomo Iidabashi First tower​
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