About demonstration experiment by Autonomous Driving bus in Chubu International Airport restricted area

-Verification of Image Recognition and remote control technology using AI as the final stage before commercialization in FY2020-

AIRO Inc. (hereinafter "AIRO"), a joint venture of Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter "Marubeni") and ZMP Inc. (hereinafter "ZMP") will carry out a demonstration test of Autonomous vehicle for three days from December 16th to 18th that assumes passenger transportation by Autonomous bus.

AIRO uses knowledge and know-how in the airport ground handling business and the aviation field to respond to the serious labor shortage of airport ground handling operations due to the expansion of air transportation and the decline in the working age population against the backdrop of strong inbound demand. Established for the commercialization of Autonomous Driving products and services in airport restricted areas by Marubeni and ZMP, which has the development ability and track record of Autonomous Driving technology.

In this demonstration experiment, we aim to improve the functions and performance of Autonomous Driving ZMP RoboCar® Mini EV Bus (*) used in the demonstration experiment conducted in the Chubu International Airport restricted area last year. This time, we will examine the world's first automatic taxiway crossing judgment system using aircraft detection functions using AI technology such as image recognition, and the ability to remotely operate buses. We will travel on a route that assumes passenger transportation between the International bus lounge at Chubu International Airport Terminal 1 and the aircraft parking lot.

AIRO positions this demonstration experiment as the final demonstration experiment for the practical application of Autonomous Driving technology in the airport restricted area scheduled for the next fiscal year. We will verify technology and services closer to actual operation, such as opening and closing doors from the remote control room without having a system operator in the car. At the same time as aiming to commercialize Autonomous buses in airport restricted areas, we will focus on sales of Autonomous vehicles and related services from the next fiscal year onwards, and will contribute to resolving the labor shortage, which is an urgent issue.

(*) ZMP RoboCar® Mini EV Bus, an Autonomous Driving bus developed by ZMP for passenger transportation

<Outline of this demonstration experiment>

Demonstration period
December 16th to 18th, 2019
Demonstration place
Chubu International Airport Terminal 1
Vehicle used
ZMP RoboCar® Mini EV Bus
Implementation content
Assuming passenger transportation, the car runs on a route that crosses the aircraft taxiway between the international bus lounge and the aircraft parking lot.
The following two points will be newly verified in this experiment.
・ Verification of automatic control of bus travel through an AI system that recognizes aircraft information (position, whether to cross a taxiway, etc.) in
real time with a wide-area camera installed at the terminal
・ Assuming actual operation, vehicle information and surrounding conditions are managed at the remote control center, and the bus is remotely operated (running,​ ​
opening and closing of doors, etc.)

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