Full-scale deployment of CarriRo® series as Unmanned Logistics solutions

-February 19th to 21st, Logis-Tech Tokyo 2020 -INNOVATION EXPO- Latest AGV and Unmanned fork exhibition-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) will fully roll out the CarriRo® series of logistics robots, as unmanned logistics solutions throughout Japan. As part of this, at the "Logis-Tech Tokyo 2020 -INNOVATION EXPO-'' which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall 1.2 from February 19th, 2020 (Wed) to February 21st (Fri), we will exhibit products that can realize pallet transfer completely unattended, Unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork, Logistics support robot CarriRo® AD + (Autonomous Moving mode model for heavy duty use) pallet loading type. During each demonstration slot, we will introduce the latest Reach type of CarriRo® Fork released on February 14th.

[Exhibition Information] Logis-Tech Tokyo 2020 -INNOVATION EXPO -

Date: February 19th, 2020 (Wed) to 21st (Friday) from 10:00 to 17:00
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 1, 2
Booth No .: 1V-28
Special site:​ ​https://www.zmp.co.jp/event/carriro/logitech-2020

During the exhibition CarriRo® Fork and CarriRo® AD+ will be jointly demonstrated.
Opening time for each day: ①from 11: 00 ②from 13: 00 ③from 14: 00 ④from 15: 00 ⑤from 16: 00

The logistics support robot CarriRo® is a product developed by applying ZMP's Autonomous Driving technology. In the logistics industry and the manufacturing industry, where labor is rapidly deficient due to the declining birthrate and aging population, we are developing products that meet the needs of labor saving and efficiency by reducing the burden of transportation work. Currently, it has been introduced to more than 150 companies since the start of sales, and has been introduced in various fields, such as distribution warehouses and factories, as well as the service industry such as hotels, stations, and airports.

On the day, you can also see CarriRo® physical exhibits and demonstrations at the ZMP booth and CarriRo® partner booth. By visiting each booth and listening to the explanations, you can actually experience the high versatility and expandability which are the major features of the CarriRo® series at the venue.

■ What is the "versatility" of CarriRo®?
CarriRo® makes the whole series versatile. In other words, it is positioned as an important concept to provide products that can respond to all transport situations of customers. In the future, when automatic conveyance spreads more on site, it will be important to be able to handle the largest number of conveyance scenes with a small number of models from the viewpoint of shortening the installation period and reducing the cost of introducing the machine. Being able to handle various transport scenes specifically means the following.
・ It has a follow-up function and an autonomous transfer function and can use them that are suitable for the characteristics of transfer
・ The trolley type CarriRo® can be used for loading directly on the loading platform or for towing other trolleys and transporting it, so it can be used in accordance with existing operations
・ In the case of towing, a dedicated attachment suitable for general-purpose carts such as basket carts, slim carts or hand lifts is available and can be used immediately.
・ The product lineup includes a bogie type, pallet loading type, unmanned forklift, and can handle various weights and sizes of goods including pallet conveyance.

■ What is the "extensibility" of CarriRo®?
Depending on the customer and each installation site, the degree of automation required and the cost for that will usually vary. Given such a background, it is important to establish a system that can be introduced with the minimum number of standard functions as much as possible and add necessary functions with add-ons. With such scalability, you can get the features you need at minimal cost. The mechanism to add necessary functions with add-ons specifically are the following contents.
・ The tracking function and the autonomous movement function can be selectively applied, and if only the tracking function is used, the introduction can be considered with a more reasonable model called CarriRo® FD
・When linking with elevators and automatic doors using a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), etc., an external device link model is also provided, and the necessary functions can be installed freely.
・ A cloud service "Robo-HI" is provided as an option for visualizing operation and controlling multiple units simultaneously, and it is possible to perform advanced operations in cooperation with each other.

■ CarriRo® partner booth
Venue: West Hall 1 Booth No .: 1D-33 VisualWarehouse introduction
Outline: Demonstration of a solution linking CarriRo® AD and VisualWarehouse (the shortest route navigation system in a warehouse). Exhibiting a case where it was introduced at a storage site for car parts

Venue: West 2 Hall Booth No .: 2G-37 Transport Solution
Outline: Operation of CarriRo® which uses a special traction attachment to carry stored parts while following a person.

[Product Web URL]​ ​ https://www.zmp.co.jp/carriro/
[Product Introduction Video]​ ​https://youtu.be/dkfvVXNdaCU
【Product price】
CarriRo® FD (Following model): 5-year lease 34,000 JPY / month (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo® AD (Autonomous Moving model): 5-year lease 52,000 JPY / month (excluding tax) / 1 vehicle
CarriRo® AD (Model with external input / output function): 5-year lease 58,000 JPY / month (excluding tax) / 1
CarriRo® AD + (Trolley type): 5-year lease 73,000 JPY / month (excluding tax) / 1 vehicle
(Pallet loading type): 5 years lease 82,000 JPY / month (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo® Fork (Walkie type): 5-year lease 282,000 JPY/ month (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo® Fork (Reach type): 5-year lease 338,000 JPY / month (excluding tax) / 1 unit

【Main Specifications】

Logistic support robot CarriRo®

Body weight
55 kg
65 cm in width X 93 cm in depth X 24 cm in height ※ Handle part 96 cm
Maximum loading capacity
150 kg
Maximum speed

6 km/h (Following model), 3 km/h (Autonomous movement mode)

* FD does not have Autonomous movement mode.
Equivalent to 300kg * Depends on road surface and trolley
Charging time
Two and a half hours​ ​
Operating time
8 hours * May vary depending on operating conditions
CarriRo® AD+
Body weight

Trolley type: Approx. 56 kg (excluding weight)

Pallet loading type: about 60kg

Trolley type: 65 cm in width X 93 cm in depth X 24 cm in height
* Handle part is 96 cm

Pallet loading type: 65 cm in width x 93 cm in depth x 29 cm in height

When pallet truck is connected: 135 cm in width x 135 cm in depthe x 35 cm in height

Maximum loading capacity
200kg (trolley type only)
Maximum speed
3 km/h (Autonomous Moving mode)
600 kg equivalent ※ It depends on the road surface condition and the condition of the cart
Charging time
Two and a half hours​ ​
Operating time
8 hours * May vary depending on operating conditions
CarriRo® Fork
Body dimensions

Walkie type: Length 1950mm x Width 800mm x Height 1915mm

Reach type: Length 2307mm x Width 1250mm x Height 2415mm
~ 1400kg
Maximum speed

Walkie type: 5.4 km/h without load, 3.6 km/h with load

Reach type: 4.2 km/h without load, 3.6 km/h with load
Movement accuracy / Stop accuracy

Walkie type: ± 10mm / ± 10mm

Reach type: ± 20mm / ± 20mm
Vehicle weight

Walkie type: 1000kg

Reach type: 2800kg
Safety function
Laser detection, infrared sensor detection, bumper sensor, etc.

* The above CarriRo® AD + specifications are subject to change.

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