Unmanned delivery robot "DeliRo™", safe and trusted delivery

-Delivery Robot for indoor and outdoor unmanned delivery, looking for business partners for the release in the fall of 2020-
-Aiming for practical use in various facilities such as office buildings, apartments, leisure facilities, etc.-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) renamed "CarriRo ® Deli", an autonomous delivery robot that has been developed since 2017, as "DeliRo ™" which can be used in buildings and apartments, leisure facilities and other areas. We are looking for business partners aiming for sales in the fall of 2020.

Specifications of DeliRo​ ​Product
DeliRo is an autonomous delivery robot that travels autonomously while communicating with people around you with rich expressions such as smiles and winks, and voices such as greetings and requests. By using multiple sensors and cameras to understand the surroundings, we will provide efficient delivery by autonomous driving to the destination while avoiding obstacles.

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DeliRo are available in types of 1 box, 4 boxes, 8 boxes, and variations of colors like red, silver, yellow and blue, depending on the type and size of goods to be delivered and it is a lineup that fits various applications and environments. In addition, when changing from CarriRo® Deli, there are logo variations that can be used as signs, and icons with the concept of making people feel easy to recognize it.

DeliRo Icons

Specifications of DeliRo​ ​Use
Example 1) Use for outdoor delivery

Delivery experiment in University campus

With the aging population, labor shortages are becoming a major social issue, and it is expected that demand for delivery will increase in the future. In such scenes, DeliRo realizes safe and trusted unmanned delivery by recognizing the movement of people and vehicles, and traffic lights. In addition, there is also a mechanism that allows you to notify orders, deliver notifications, unlock boxes, etc. using smartphone applications.

ZMP conducted a delivery demonstration in a University campus in February 2019 and in Korea in April, we conducted a delivery experiment in an area consisting of apartments where ordinary residents live.
・ Demonstration of unmanned delivery service of convenience store products:
・ Demonstration of unmanned delivery service with Woowa, the largest food delivery company in Korea:​ ​https://www.zmp.co.jp/news/pressrelease_20190830

Example 2) Delivery within office buildings and apartments

Demonstration in cooperation with elevator at building

Even in office buildings and apartments, efficient delivery of products and documents will be necessary in the future shortage of labor. In the case of delivery within a building, it is necessary not only to move horizontally but also to move vertically using an elevator or, to switch back in a narrow area. ZMP has conducted technical verifications on such movements inside buildings and accumulated results.

In December 2019, at the Midousuji building of Takenaka Corporation, we conducted an autonomous delivery demonstration of documents from the underground mail room to the upper floor and boarded in cooperation with an elevator made by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
・Demonstration of unmanned delivery service linked to elevators in buildings:https://www.zmp.co.jp/news/pressrelease_20191211

Specifications of DeliRo* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Length 96.2 cm x Width 66.4 cm x Height 108.9 cm
Main function

Movement function: Autonomous movement by self-position estimation, Obstacle avoidance

Communication function: Communicate with surroundings using facial expressions and voices

Smartphone cooperation: Delivery place / time designation, box unlocking function by QR code

Up to 6km/h

Safety function

Obstacle recognition by laser sensor and camera, automatic avoidance, Stop, emergency stop switch,

Remote monitoring by camera
Charging & Operating time
Charging for 1 hour can lead to 4 to 6 hours of operation (depends on usage environment, frequency, etc.)

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Video: Convenience store delivery × Campus life:​ ​https://youtu.be/3ysSQn5NXtA
Woowa Brothers Corp × Apartment delivery:​ ​https://youtu.be/AI0l3ySnAiA

From 100 thousand yen(¥100,000 /month) for one-year lease
*We opt to offer the purchase option. Prices may change without prior notice.
*In addition, initial costs such as map creation for Autonomous Driving and on-site setup, maintenance costs, management system usage fees, etc., will be required separately.

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