Autonomous battery powered locomotive in Tokyo Gaikan Tunnel construction

-Realized with RoboVision® stereo technology without map, joint development with KAJIMA CORPORATION-

Stereo camera RoboVision® 3

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) and KAJIMA CORPORATION in Minato-ku, Tokyo (President, Yoshikazu Oshimi) co-operated with Shin-Tomoe Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Ota-ku, Tokyo (President, Masashi Nishio) and KAJIMA MECHATRO ENGINEERING Co., Ltd. in Minato-ku, Tokyo (President, Kunihiko Ikeda) will implement will implement unmanned automatic operation of the battery locomotive "Servo loco" used in tunnel construction.

The Autonomous battery locomotive "Servo loco" is equipped with ZMP stereo camera RoboVisionⓇ, Autonomous driving software IZACⓇ, and various sensors such as 3D LiDAR. Also, by applying ZMP's VTSⓇ (Virtual Tilt Stereo) technology, at the tunnel construction site where the surrounding environment constantly changes, It enables the estimation of building limits (Note 1) and the detection of obstacles for safety without using high-precision 3D maps.

Battery locomotive "Servo loco"

Autonomous driving technology for passenger cars realizes self-position estimation, obstacle detection, and travel route generation based on high-precision 3D maps that accurately grasp the surrounding environment such as signs, signal positions, and pedestrian crossing positions. However, high-precision 3D maps cannot be used at the tunnel construction site because the route is constantly extended. Therefore, we have developed a recognition technology that makes it possible to estimate the building limit on the driving route without applying a high-precision 3D map by applying stereo camera technology, and installed it on a battery locomotive. We are also equipped with a function to recognize people and objects using deep learning, and we are currently working on further improving performance for unmanned operation.

This Autonomous battery powered locomotive is applied in the tunnel construction with a total length of 9,155m.

In the future, we also aim to introduce it at other tunnel construction sites.

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Stereo camera RoboVision® 3 Autonomous battery powered locomotive in Tokyo Gaikan Tunnel construction

Overview of Tokyo Gaikan Project

(Note 1): Battery powered locomotives are vehicles that move on the track, and if there are obstacles on the track, they cannot be avoided freely. The concept that buildings (both fixed and non-fixed) that may become obstacles should not be installed within the specified range to ensure the safety of operation.

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RoboVision® 3 is a 4-lens stereo camera for automobiles that uses Sony's high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor “IMX390” and has a wide field of view with a maximum distance of 150 meters and a horizontal angle of view of 110 °. The IMX390 can simultaneously process HDR and flicker suppression of LED signals, and can expect significant technological improvements in “recognition” and “judgment” that are important in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Driving technology.
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Stereo camera RoboVision® 3
Battery locomotive "Servo loco"
Overview of Tokyo Gaikan Project

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