Pre-order Data measurement system "Robo Data Logger" standard package

-1.8 million JPY (tax included) including the sensor, can be delivered within the year by ordering during November-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) will start accepting orders for the standard package of the data measurement system "RoboDataLogger" that can start recording multiple sensors at the same time from today.

Data measurement system "Robo Data Logger" standard package

Standard indicator box
(Check the status with LED , Start & Stop of recording using button operation)

In recent years, as the ADAS market has been activated and the development of autonomous driving technology has progressed, the acquisition of driving data in those developments has become extremely important. However, in order to actually obtain the desired driving data, various work such as vehicle / sensor procurement and development of data measurement system is required, so it is expected that a huge amount of man-hours and time will be required.

ZMP provided the data measurement system "RoboDataLogger" to help reduce the system design and development man-hours that were originally required. The standard package is equipped with an indicator box that enables data measurement with simple operation as standard equipment, and is offered at a reasonable price of 1.8 million yen (excluding tax) including the sensor.

We will start accepting orders for this product from today, and if you place an order during November, we will be able to deliver it within the year.

[Data measurement system RoboDataLogger standard package]
In the RoboDataLogger standard package, in addition to the data measurement PC, sensors such as CAN, camera, GNSS, SSD, keyboard, monitor and other equipment necessary for data measurement are all included in the set, so immediately after delivery, data measurement is possible.

In addition, since it is possible to start and stop measurement by operating the attached indicator box from the driver's seat without operating the data measurement PC (including software), it can also be used by general drivers who are not good at PC operation.

In addition, we also offer various options according to customer needs, like adding sensors such as LiDAR that are not included in the standard package and starting measurement in conjunction with ignition (IG).

<Features of this product>
Feature (1) Uses a compact and highly durable fanless PC as a data measurement PC
Feature (2) No PC operation is required, data measurement can be started and stopped at any time * IG interlocking is also possible
Feature (3) A wide variety of standard options are available, allowing the user to select the required configuration and content.

【Product Specifications】
<Standard package>* Part of the content is subject to change.

<Standard option>* Other than the following, you can also customize and consult.

Product detail page

[Product price & delivery date]
RoboDataLogger standard package 1.8 million JPY (excluding tax) * Please contact us for option prices.
Standard delivery time: 1 month after ordering.

[About the data acquisition solution RoboTest®]

ZMP has been providing data acquisition support services for drivers on public roads since 2012, making use of their experience in autonomous driving technology development and testing. Upstream processes such as designing and constructing systems (loggers) necessary for acquiring driving data, arranging vehicles and necessary installation / modification, and data processing after acquisition is also done. It is a service that can greatly reduce the time and effort of the customer by implementing it all at once.
For more information on RoboTest®, please visit the website below.

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Data measurement system "Robo Data Logger" standard package

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