Limited-time trial campaign: Data acquisition service including 4K camera and high-definition 128-beam 3D-LiDAR, 2 hours of driving data for 200,000 yen

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) will start a limited-time trial campaign for data acquisition services including 4K cameras and high-definition 128-beam.

128-beam 3D-LiDAR image driving on public roads

Front 4K camera image

Based on our knowledge and know-how of the public road driving data acquisition solution "RoboTest®", we sell and provide datasets acquired by synchronizing vehicle data such as vehicle speed and steering angle, traveling about 327.2km on the entire metropolitan highway with a data measurement ZMP's vehicle with four cameras in front, back, left and right (4K in front), 128 beam 3D-LiDAR, GPS, IMU (inertial sensor). We also got requests from our customers that they want driving data other than Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. In order to meet the needs, this time the sensor configuration is the same as the metropolitan high-speed data set, and we will offer it as a trial campaign that allows you to freely set the route.

With this service, you can obtain the desired data without any preparation by consulting us about the target route information, so you can expect acceleration of your own research and development. It is also possible to propose and select a route by us according to the purpose of data measurement.

The price is 200,000 yen for Vehicle data measurement as a trial campaign to be carried out until the end of December 2021.

Trial campaign introduction page:

Sensor installation image
(3D-LiDAR in the center red circle on the vehicle roof * Horizontal 360 ° scan)

[Measurement data specifications]

[About RoboTest®, a driving data acquisition solution]

ZMP has been providing data acquisition support services for drivers on public roads since 2012, making use of their experience in autonomous driving technology development and testing. In addition to arranging and managing drivers necessary for driving, upstream processes such as designing and constructing systems (sensor systems and loggers) necessary for acquiring driving data, arranging vehicles and necessary installation and modification, It is a service that can greatly reduce the time and effort of the customer by carrying out the data processing after acquisition all at once.

<Contents of RoboTest service>
1. Consulting of driving data acquisition
2. Development of data measurement system (hardware, software) * Only the system can be provided.
3. Installation of various sensors and power supply devices on vehicle
4. Driver recruitment and management, data acquisition operation management
5. Data post-processing (according to customer requirements such as tagging and format conversion)
6. Analysis and reporting of acquired data
7. Providing data analysis / analysis application (RoboDataPlatform)


[Trial campaign price]
Conditions: Traveling within the Kanto area within a total of 2 hours
Price: 200,000 yen (excluding tax) * Limited to deliveries within the year.
* The route is specified by the customer, and the vehicle, system, and driver are specified by ZMP.
* In the case of other conditions, it will be quoted individually.
* Please note that the campaign may change or end without notice.

[Press Release Article]
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