Vehicle data measurement solution "RoboTest", Started providing passenger's drowsiness / emotion data synchronized with driving data

-Adopts technology from Affectiva, which owns the world's largest facial expression database-

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) starts providing data on passenger's drowsiness and emotions when driving a vehicle as a new service of the Vehicle data measurement "RoboTest".

With CAC Corporation, a Japanese authorized distributor of drowsiness / emotion recognition AI "Affectiva"
ZMP works with data measurement solution RoboTest

In recent years, development competition has become even more fierce due to the sophistication and complexity of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), appearance of Autonomous Driving function and shift to carbon-free society. Automakers and parts manufacturers develops not only Autonomous Driving functions , but also the development of passenger-related functions such as driver drowsiness detection. At that time, in order to evaluate the developed function, information and data on drowsiness and emotions of the actual passengers are required. It is often the case that questionnaires for passengers and measurement of biometric data are carried out, but there is a possibility that the driver's drowsiness / emotion may be different from actual driver's drowsiness and emotion. And emotion estimation from biometric data is a specialized field and is extremely difficult, and there are many cases where evaluation of drowsiness / emotion is a major issue.

In this service, in collaboration with CAC, the Japanese authorized distributor of Affectiva, a leading company of emotion recognition AI, we provide drowsiness and emotions data in addition to the data such as camera, LiDAR, and vehicle information normally provided by RoboTest,. Camera images are used for data analysis, and drowsiness and emotions are estimated from the photographed passenger's face. Also, this time, "Automotive AI" created especially for the inside of the car, even in the data measurement of, more accurate analysis results can be expected.

With this service, we can provide Vehicle data measurement and data analysis about drowsiness and emotions consistently, so we will support research and development related to functions for passengers' drowsiness detection while driving.

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[Characteristics of Automotive AI used for drowsiness / emotion analysis]
Feature 1: Perform facial expression analysis based on FACS theory with established theoretical background
Feature 2: The world's largest facial expression database (face image database of more than 9.9 million people in more than 90 countries)
Feature 4: Utilizing deep learning technology, more accurate emotion recognition
Feature 4: Utilizing KSS (Karolinska Sleepiness Scale), drowsiness level is detected in 5 stages

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[About RoboTest®, a driving data acquisition solution]

ZMP has been providing data acquisition support services for drivers on public roads since 2012, making use of their experience in autonomous driving technology development and testing. In addition to arranging and managing drivers necessary for driving, upstream processes such as designing and constructing systems (sensor systems and loggers) necessary for acquiring driving data, arranging vehicles and necessary installation and modification, It is a service that can greatly reduce the time and effort of the customer by carrying out the data processing after acquisition all at once.

<Contents of RoboTest service>
1. Consulting of driving data acquisition
2. Development of data measurement system (hardware, software) * Only the system can be provided.
3. Installation of various sensors and power supply devices on vehicle
4. Driver recruitment and management, data acquisition operation management
5. Data post-processing (according to customer requirements such as tagging and format conversion)
6. Analysis and reporting of acquired data
7. Providing data analysis / analysis application (RoboDataPlatform)


1 week (5 days) Vehicle data measurement-Drowsiness / emotion data analysis: 5 million yen (excluding tax)-
In addition, we will give you a 20% discount on the assumption that it will be implemented within the year.
*Please contact us for a detailed quotation.

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