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Delivery robot CarriRo Deli in new color yellow!!

Delivery robot CarriRo Deli

CarriRo Deli is a home delivery robot that has boxes and applied autonomous driving technology. Robots, shoppers / shop applications, IT services will be packaged and provided.

ZMP slogan is slogan "Done with Demos,Moving onto Commercialization".We are aiming at applying our development technology to the society. The autonomous driving technology is now shifting from the development to actually use,not only to create new industries but local promotion for a convenient world.

When you consider MaaS (Mobility as a Service) business to utilize a delivery robot, we would appreciate very much if you contact us.
New model CarriRo Deli


We announced the concept of home delivery robot in July 2017 and announced the new model of home delivery robot CarriRo Deli at the ZMP Forum in the following year.
The new model is developed aiming at a more compact and lovable design.

As a robot coexisting with people.Communication with the outside world corresponds to the part of the robot's eyes by installing LED panel that can display multiple patterns also in the position like the rear brake light.
We are aiming for a robot that is more likely to penetrate society more smoothly by telling the intent of the robot to the surroundings.
CarriRo Deli's LED panel interface​ ​


CarriRo Deli characteristics features are the following:

 · Four-wheel drive (rear-wheel drive) that establishes travelability and easy handling


Power Electric
Size (cm)

Width 65.4 × length 96.2 × high 95.6

※ Maximum length including sensor part:

width 66.4 x length 96.2 x height 108.9


1 box, 4 box, 8 box type replaceable


Inside dimension: width 52 × length 52 × height 40 Total 144
Maximum loading capacity 50 kg
Speed Maximum speed 6 km
Step 5 cm
Ability to climb
Driving time

Approximately 12 hours * Depends on driving environment

Charging time up to 4 hours
Wheel 4 wheels (rear wheel drive)
Communication method 4G communication, Wi-Fi compatible

Color variations

The color of the CarriRo Deli can now be selected from 4 colors and the type of sound can be selected.
Below is the color variation lineup image.

Customizable locker

The locker on the delivery robot CarriRo Deli can be replaced depending on the application.
Examples of the type of locker is introduced below.
4 box type
8 box type

Usage image

 宅配ロボットCarriRo Deliの利用イメージとして、店舗からの配達サービスだけでなく、住宅への集荷や移動店舗、大切な日のサプライズプレゼント演出など様々な用途でご活用いただける製品となっております。

 サービス事業者は、自律移動を行うCarriRo Deliを活用したシステムをベースとし、その位置や走行情報、お客様のリクエスト情報を統合し、配送・集荷サービスをご検討いただけます。

Service image utilizing figure delivery robot

Home delivery robot introduction package

To introduce home delivery robot, we propose an entry package that allows you to introduce a system to deliver to customers from stores.

With the introduction package, we provide services to customers based on the three in-house services necessary for safely operating the home delivery robot.

 Service ①: Arranging and customizing delivery service robot CarriRo Deli developed by ZMP
 サービス②:ロボットの動かすために必要な 認知・判断・操作のすべてを行う統合コンピューターIZAC®



CarriRo Deli service image

Those who are interested in business utilizing home delivery robot introduction package and home delivery robot can contact us below.

​ ​CarriRo Deli Introduction video

The latest model demonstration before mass production ( from the announcement on July 19, 2018)
Service image video
For the service image of CarriRo Deli, please see the following video.

Demonstration experiment with various companies (July 2017 - March 2018)

CarriRo Deli, a home delivery robot carries out various demonstration tests for practical application of services in Japan. An example of that will be introduced below.
(From the upper left, the demonstration experiment with "Ag of silver", the demonstration experiment of delivery service at Roppongi Hills, the demonstration experiment of delivery between multiple bases with Japan Post, the social demonstration experiment in the Shinagawa area with the Dentsu International Information Service )

Possibility of expanding logistics

Consider CarriRo Express service as a new possibility utilizing the delivery robot.
This service cooperates with a delivery robot and a delivery truck, and it is a service that develops a home delivery service in a wider range.

The video below demonstrates CarriRo Express.

For details on CarriRo Express service check the below link.

Delivery Robot CarriRo Deli Development / Business Members Wanted

We are hiring development engineers, project managers and business promoters towards commercialization of this robot.

We are looking for a wide range of interested candidates full of challenging spirit toward realization of Japan's first home delivery robot service!
Let 's proceed with development together!

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