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Delivery robot CarriRo Delivery​ ​

Overview · Features

CarriRo Delivery is a home delivery robot that can run automatically regardless of indoors or outdoors, with a delivery box on the loading platform.
We are currently conducting function verification aiming to travel on the sidewalk while recognizing the surrounding environment and to deliver the package to the destination.
· 6 wheels (central two-wheel drive wheel [independent], four wheel driven wheel)
· Six delivery boxes
· Safety devices such as lights and cameras are available.
· All autonomous driving, detection of pedestrian crossings, pedestrian signals, obstacles without traffic lights is also possible.
· We have designed according to senior car and electric wheelchair standards.

Specifications · Specs

Power Electric
Size Length 133 cm × width 75 cm × height 109 cm
Each box Customizable
Weight 90 kg
Maximum loading capacity 100 kg
speed Maximum speed 6 km
Delivery range Considering service, radius 1 ~ 2 km
Driving time About 5 hours
Charging time About 2 hours 30 minutes
Apps Lock / settlement
※ 2018/1/29 (with change planned)

Service image video

For the service image of CarriRo Delivery, I would like to see the following video.

Looking for strategic business partner

We are looking for a strategic business partner for service demonstration experiments by pre-mass production model (scheduled to be released in the autumn of 2018).
Wanted industries: supermarket, convenience store, drug store, cleaning, beverage maker, vending machine maker, restaurant etc.
Contents: We conduct demonstration experiments with business owners who deal with shortage of delivery personnel,
* We are assuming a demonstration experiment with one company per industry.
If you are interested please contact us from the following inquiry button.

A case of demonstration experiment
We undertook various experiments for commercialization and service under the alliance with each company.
(Left: "Demonstration experiment with" Gin no Sara", Middle: Demonstration experiment of delivery service at Roppongi Hills, Right: Demonstration experiment of inter-base delivery with Japanese mail)

Looking for members

We are hiring development engineers, project managers and business promoters toward commercialization of this robot.
We are looking for a wide range of interested candidates full of challenging spirit toward realization of Japan's first home delivery robot service!

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