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Delivery robot CarriRo Delivery​ ​

CarriRo Delivery is a home delivery robot equipped with a box, applying Autonomous Driving technology. Robots, shoppers / shop applications, IT services will be packaged and provided. If you are interested please contact us from the following inquiry button.


· 4 wheels (rear wheel drive)
· Customizable locker
. Equipped with UI expressing expression on front and rear
· Read the QR code of the smartphone order screen and cancel the locker's key
· Packaged delivery of home delivery robot, shopper, store application, IT service
· Remote monitoring · Remote control system
· Autonomous driving while recognizing surrounding environment by detecting pedestrian crossings, pedestrian signals, obstacles, etc.
· Can be run at night
· Publish API according to case
· Maintenance support such as replacement of parts at service base


Power Electric
Size (cm)

Width 65.4 × length 96.2 × high 95.6

※ Maximum length including sensor part:

width 66.4 x length 96.2 x height 108.9


1 box, 4 box, 8 box type replaceable (customizable)

Inside dimension: width 52 × length 52 × height 40 Total 144
Maximum loading capacity 50 kg
Speed Maximum speed 6 km
Step 5 cm
Ability to climb 8 degrees
Driving time

Approximately 12 hours * Depends on driving environment

Charging time up to 4 hours
Drive 4 wheels (rear wheel drive)
Communication method 4G communication, Wi-Fi compatible

Customizable locker

4 boxes in one unit
8 boxes in one unit

Usage image

Delivery robot package


The latest model demonstration before mass production ( from the announcement on July 19, 2018)
Service image video
For the service image of CarriRo Delivery , please see the following video.

Demonstration experiment with various companies (July 2017 - March 2018)

(From the upper left, the demonstration experiment with "Ag of silver", the demonstration experiment of delivery service at Roppongi Hills, the demonstration experiment of delivery between multiple bases with Japan Post, the social demonstration experiment in the Shinagawa area with the Dentsu International Information Service )

Looking for members

We are hiring development engineers, project managers and business promoters toward commercialization of this robot.
We are looking for a wide range of interested candidates full of challenging spirit toward realization of Japan's first home delivery robot service!

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