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Home delivery robot CarriRo Express

Home delivery robot CarriRo Express Overview / Features

CarriRo Express is a home delivery robot which carries a home delivery box on the loading part, making it possible to run automatically. While aware of the surrounding environment, we aim to travel inside the apartment and other facilities and deliver the baggage to each door, and we are currently conducting function verification etc., by robots for demonstration experiments.

For the service image see the following movie.

Aiming at loading multiple robots into a truck and transporting it to the entrance of the apartment, automatic delivery from the entrance of the apartment to each door, business owners with tasks due to lack of manpower of delivery personnel, such as a courier company, a transport company, a logistics company , Condominium developers and real estate companies, we will conduct a demonstration experiment and examine the problem extraction and validation about the start of service.

Delivery robot CarriRo Express video

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