Autonomous Driving and ADAS

Latest 4-lens stereo camera "RoboVision 3"!

We will thoroughly explain the charm of RoboVision 3, the latest version of the four-lens stereo camera which is used for Autonomous Driving and ADAS (advanced driving support system).

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1. Birth and evolution of ZMP made stereo camera "RoboVision"

"Eyes are important for robots"

We ZMP have developed many autonomous mobile robots so far and due to their technological development we are currently promoting the practical application of Autonomous Driving.The RoboVision series plays the role of those "eyes" and has been used for a long time to recognize and make judgments using cameras.

In 2009, RoboVision was born as a 1/10-sized robot car RoboCar 1/10's external world recognition sensor and it has been used as a stereo camera for automotive as a model whose base length can be changed.
After that, it evolved to "RoboVision 2", realizing data transmission by compact enclosure and USB power supply. It became more easily available for research and development and it is used in the development of ADAS (advanced driving support system) and Autonomous Driving.It is also used for general-purpose robots and mobile objects.

​ ​"RoboVision 3" which is introduced this time is the latest model designed for image processing such as Autonomous Driving and ADAS development and recognition algorithm development.The latest CMOS sensor is mounted and the number of lenses has been increased by two to become a 4-lens stereo camera.We will introduce the charm of RoboVision 3 which can measure data accurately and quickly.

2. Latest 4-lens Stereo Camera "RoboVision 3"

"RoboVision 3" newly developed by ZMP is a dual stereo camera (quad camera) with two stereo cameras. The camera is equipped with a lens for telephoto and a lens for wide angle and it is possible to use properly according to the scene.
The product also comes equipped with an automotive mount, you can also mount multiple mirrors using the mount of the room mirror.

Let's introduce the three major features of RoboVision 3.

3. Three features of RoboVision 3

【Feature ①】 Can be measured farther with wide field of view

RoboVision 3 has two types of stereo cameras as mentioned above.
【Telescope lens】
The lens for telephoto can also measure targets of about 150 m ahead and can be used to measure and detect distant objects such as highway and intersection turning right.
【Wide angle lens】
The wide angle lens also secures a viewing angle of about 110 ° covering the same range as people are driving and looking through the windshield. Wide angle lenses are effective for walking people, running scenes to prevent bicycle and motorbike crawling, such as when turning left at an intersection.
【Surround View】
Moreover, by installing multiple RoboVision 3, it is possible to measure over the entire circumference and it can be used for measurement of running data around the vehicle like the surround view monitor and detection and recognition of objects around the vehicle. Surround RoboVision, an all-around monitoring camera with 4 RoboVision 3 can also be selected as a product lineup.
It is a video which overlaid a distance image on the measured image.

【Feature ②】 Compatible with bright / dark / LED flicker

RoboVision 3 adopts Sony's latest CMOS sensor IMX 390 as its sensor element and it corresponds to the dynamic range of 120 dB brightness as its sensing function. In addition, flicker measurement such as LED lights can be measured. By doing this, it can be applied to recognition that prevents misrecognition of electric bulletin boards and signs during traveling.
RoboVision®3 Measurement video (Images in change in brightness)
RoboVision®3 LED flicker suppression function

【Feature ③】 It corresponds to the interface which realizes stable data measurement

For image measurement, it is necessary to transmit data of 500 MB or more per second. To prevent frame dropping or missing of images in continuous image measurement specifications are required to stably send large amounts of data to the data store. In order to cope with the problem, RoboVision 3 adopts XMC module compatible with PCI Express x 4 for data communication interface.It transmits 2-pixel 24-bit image that can be acquired from 4 cameras at 30 fps.This makes data measurement possible without missing images.
In addition, ZMP also sells packages that include RoboVision 3 and measurement PCs as optional products.

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