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Delivery Robot | DeliRo

DeliRo is a delivery robot equipped with a box for storing luggage. DeliRo moves autonomously.
To realize the delivery service we offer packaged service including our autonomous driving robots, the dedicated applications for shoppers and stores and IT services.

To a society where robots and humans coexist
ZMP aims to solve the problem of the last one mile of logistics by​ ​
applying the Autonomous control technology cultivated in Autonomous​ ​
that automatically moves along the sidewalk. However, communication​ ​
ニケーションです。ZMP のDeliRo は人と共存するロボットとして、

DeliRo | Features

ZMP Autonomous Driving technology
Autonomous delivery
DeliRo is equipped with ZMP's Autonomous Driving software "IZAC®".
It is equipped with ZMP's automatic driving computer "IZAC".
​ ​
Three choices
Box type
DeliRo can choose 1 box, 4 boxes or 8 boxes​ ​
​ ​depending on the size and shape of the luggage to be carried.
Maximum load weight
Upto 50kg
DeliRo supports a maximum load capacity of 50kg,
We will respond to various usage scenarios and delivery needs, such as delivery items and beverages.
Eyes and Voice
DeliRo is equipped with ZMP's Autonomous Driving software "IZAC®".
supports users and the people around them
​ ​like communication with people.

DeliRo | Main specifications

Power Electric
Locker (cm) Inner Dimension: Width 52 x Length 52 x Height 40
Maximum load weight  50kg
Speed Maximum speed of 6km
Level difference 5 cm
Uphill travelling 8 degrees
Drive time Approximately 4 hours * Depends on the driving environment
Charging voltage: AC100V50 / 60Hz power supply
Charging time: 1 hour
Wheel 4 wheels (rear wheel drive)
Communication method 4G communication, Wi-Fi compatible

Introducing a new series! "DeliRo Truck"

The DeliRo Truck is a model with an open loading platform instead of a delivery box to meet the new demand for DeliRo. In addition to being able to carry a variety of luggage, we aim to create new robot services together with users because these robots can be transformed into various uses depending on the idea.

DeliRo | Usage image

Delivery of daily necessities
Delivery of medicine
Mobile catering
Collection/delivery of laundry


World first!
The delivery of convenience store commodity by Delivery robot
Lawson × ZMP in Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus
ZMP conducted a demonstration experiment of an unmanned delivery service using an autonomously moving delivery robot on the Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus. Introducing the features of DeliRo realized in this demonstration experiment.
In this demonstration, the operation was performed according to the following flow.

STEP 1: To order by user

・Order convenience store commodity using smartphone apps
・Make delivery reservations of time and destination
・Complete the order by credit card settlement

STEP 2: To pack commodities by store staff

・Detect objects around robot during the delivery. Stop safely and temporarily. Retransmit again
・Detect human presence and talk to people
・Set a box in accordance to the size of commodities
・Deliver a box capable of handling up to 50 kilograms

STEP 3: To deliver automatically by DeliRo

・Detect objects around robot during the delivery. Stop safely and temporarily. Retransmit again
・Detect human presence and talk to people
・Provide a remote monitoring for safe delivery of commodities
・Remote control according to the situation
・Manage and record all the processes using block chain

STEP 4: To get the product by DeliRo

・Receive a notification on user's smartphone when CarriRo® Deli arrives close to the delivery place. Communicate with CarriRo® Deli at the delivery place
・Unlock by using QR code on user's smartphone. Go back to the store autonomously after the delivery


Commercial programs
● 運用費用:月12万円/台~
● Initial cost: 5 million JPY
(Map creation, route setting, on-site tuning, demonstration experiment)
Please contact us if you are considering Delivery robot service.

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