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Unmanned security robot PATORO

Autonomous Driving security robot "PATORO®"

The security robot PATORO® contributes to the labor shortage in security work, labor saving and efficiency, as well as the realization of peace of mind for people.


Autonomous Driving security robot PATORO® adopts a common platform with the low-speed Autonomous Driving mobility (delivery robot DeliRo, single-seater robot RakuRo) developed by ZMP so far. It has a communication function with humans as well as advanced autonomous mobility technology.

Currently, the delivery robot DeliRo is also promoting its use in indoor environments, such as vertical movement in cooperation with elevators in office buildings, in addition to outdoor environments, Single-seat Robot RakuRo has a track record of safe and smooth running on public roads, such as sidewalks and pedestrian crossings where many people and vehicles come and go. By applying these technologies, the available area can be expanded and used for security work in a variety of environments, both indoors and outdoors.
Autonomous Driving security robot "PATORO®"

Application Examples

Utilizes various functions according to the scene to provide users with peace of mind. PATORO supports its size, from indoor (building, office, etc.) to outdoor driving. In addition, it contributes to crime prevention in everyday life by taking advantage of the added value unique to autonomous driving.

Crime prevention and Disaster prevention

・ Equipped with calling function by smartphone & personal identification by QR code
・ Used for women and children moving at night and patrols in the office
・ Early detection of suspicious persons and specific persons by various sensors

Criminal Pursuit version

・ Residents can wait and charge at stores
・ Change the mode according to the situation and follow suspicious persons and criminals at a maximum speed of 20 km/h
・ It also has a communication function and reports to police and security companies


● Operating expenses: Over 100,000 JPY / unit​ ​
● Initial cost: 2,000,000 JPY
(Map creation, route setting, on-site tuning, demonstration experiment)

* The above prices may change depending on the range of use and specifications of the security robot PATORO.

Recruitment of business partners for introduction

The Autonomous Driving security robot "PATORO®" is the most compact robot in the lineup so far, so it can also be turned indoors.
Equipped with functions required for peripheral monitoring and patrol, such as video monitoring and recording with cameras, detection of noise and abnormal sounds, warnings, and fire detection.
The service is scheduled to start in May 2020.

ZMP is recruiting partners for implementation, such as building management, facility management, and area patrol.
Please contact us if you are considering

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