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無人Security & disinfection robot "PATORO"

Autonomous Security & disinfection robot

What is the Unmanned security & disinfection robot "PATORO"?

Autonomous Driving security robot PATORO is a small robot has the function of unmanned patrol by autonomous driving and unmanned spray of disinfectant solution.

無人警備・消毒ロボ「PATORO(パトロ)」 電動散布器搭載
The size of the main unit is also compact, and it becomes possible to live in harmony with people by communicating with people around you with facial expressions and voice while Autonomously Driving at a walking speed.
In our daily life like in commercial facilities, office buildings, and other facilities, the safety of patrolling and disinfection are now strongly demanded by society.

It is stable over long distances by combining various sensors and using a remote management system. We can operate a highly autonomous driving robot and provide disinfectant spraying to realize the safe and secure society.

Latest demonstration test video

Demonstration test of unmanned disinfection in Shinjuku Subnade

Features and functions of Unmanned security & disinfection robot "PATORO"

3 characteristics

① Compact body and autonomous driving
② Communication with facial expressions and voice
③ Camera and disinfectant spraying functions to realize the safe society

Functions in detail

Autonomous mobility function
WithRoboVision,​ ​3D-LiDARhe moves according to the environment recognize surrounding obstacles and drive

360-degree camera
Use the cameras installed on the front, back, left and right to recognize the surrounding environment. In cooperation with the cloud system, it also supports remote monitoring and operation.
Width: 65.4 x Height: 108.9 x Length: 80.0 cm
Aircraft weight (main unit only) : Approximately 99 kg
With disinfectant sprayer : 105 kg in total

Stereo camera
The front part is equipped with a stereo camera​ ​RoboVision​ ​developed by ZMP, which enables depth measurement with the camera and detection of obstacles.

Disinfectant spraying function
Equipped with a disinfectant spraying function using an electric sprayer, you can perform indoor and outdoor cyclic disinfection in an appropriate place unattended.
Patrol lamp (blue rotating light)
The PATORO's head is equipped with a rotating lamp etc., and it is possible to operate while notifying the surroundings such as movement during patrol and abnormal conditions.

Thermal detection function with infrared camera

PATORO™ is an unmanned security robot that can autonomously patrol both indoor and outdoor of a facility. Since it is often used at night, etc., in addition to regular monitoring by a camera, infrared camera for thermal detection is used, to more reliably capture suspicious persons.
Measurement image with infrared camera
Measurement image with infrared camera

Size details of Unmanned security & disinfection robot "PATORO"

PATORO is a compact car body with a height of 108.9 cm and a width of 65.4 cm, and can be used at elevators, security gates, supermarkets, and other aisles in the building.
Height comparison of PATORO
Width comparison of PATORO

Application of Unmanned security & disinfection robot "PATORO"​ ​

Utilizes various functions according to the scene to provide users with peace of mind. PATORO supports its size, from indoor (building, office, etc.) to outdoor driving. In addition, it contributes to crime prevention in everyday life by taking advantage of the added value unique to autonomous driving.

In April 2020, we also announced the disinfectant spraying option, allowing unmanned and frequent disinfection of spaces and equipment in various places.
Disinfectant spray in elevator hall
Demonstration of unmanned
at JR East Takanawa Gateway Station
Demonstration of unmanned
disinfection in Tokyo Metro Tsukishima Station
Verification of the effect of unmanned
disinfection in Takenaka Corporation Tokyo Head Office
Demonstration of unmanned
disinfection in Cabinet Office (Joint Government Building No. 8)

 Disinfectant spray application (indoor & outdoor)

・ Unmanned disinfectant spraying function by electric sprayer (optional)
・ Pre-mapping instructions and spraying of disinfectant solution at appropriate location while moving
・ Detecting the areas to spray using sensors (eg spraying while avoiding passersby)

Crime prevention and Disaster prevention

・ Equipped with calling function by smartphone & personal identification by QR code
・ Escort for women and children during night and patrols in the office
・ Early detection of suspicious persons and specific persons by various sensors

Criminal Pursuit version

・ Residents can wait and charge at stores
・ Change the mode according to the situation and follow suspicious persons and criminals at a maximum speed of 20 km/h
・ It also has a communication function and reports to police and security companies

​ ​Video of Unmanned security & disinfection robot "PATORO"


Unmanned security robot "PATORO ™" for JPY 120,000 (excluding tax) per month for 5-year lease
"PATORO ™" with disinfectant spraying function for JPY 130,000 (excluding tax) per month for 5-year lease

Initial installation cost
From JPY 2 million (map creation, route setting, local tuning, etc.) and Individual consultation depending on the environment
Infrared camera (optional)

* The above prices may change depending on the range of use and specifications of the security robot PATORO.

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Inquiries, trial introduction and recruitment of business partner

Autonomous Driving security robot "PATORO" is the most compact robot in the line-up so far, and it is a robot that can be used indoors.
Equipped with functions required for peripheral monitoring and patrol, such as video monitoring and recording with cameras, detection of noise and abnormal sounds, warnings, and fire detection.
The service is scheduled to start in May 2020.

When considering the​ ​introduction, we​ ​will also consider trial introduction.
Please feel free to apply
​ ​because we can consult​ ​you through web meetings.
In addition, we are also looking for partner companies for the introduction of PATORO in building management, facility management, patrol of a area. Please contact us if you are considering it.

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