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Walking speed mobility "RakuRo"

With Autonomous Driving personal mobility robots "RakuRo" people to all ages can enjoy moving conveniently.

What is Walking Speed Mobility RakuRo?

RakuRo is a single-seater personal mobility robots that automatically travels to the destination. It can travel the public road (sild walk) just like an electronic wheelchair. The user simply selects the destination on the dedicated app without worrying about the surrounding or controlling RakuRo.
Just 4 minutes! How to use walking speed mobility "RakuRo"! Introduction video
You can understand how to use "RakuRo" in this short video!

[Limited in this year! ] A great deal on sales of 10 ]RakuRo units!

We will start selling a great deal on 10 "RakuRo" packages for a limited time.
If you purchase a set of 10 RakuRos, 1 million yen per unit, 10 million yen in total will be discounted.
This campaign is limited to orders placed within the year, so please take this opportunity to consider installing autonomous driving robot.

The introduction price at the time of practical use is described below.

● Operating cost: Lease fee from 120,000 yen / unit per month (* main unit purchase: 6.5 million yen / unit)
 10 pack purchase privilege Total 10 million yen discount (1 unit 1 million yen discount)
From 10.1 million yen / unit per month (main unit: 5.5 million yen / unit)

The driving feasibility verification includes map and route creation as initial work, and will be quoted individually according to the environment and conditions from 2 million yen.
● Initial cost: 2 million yen ~ (Map creation, route setting, on-site tuning, demonstration experiment)

Features of walking speed mobility "RakuRo"

RakuRo features an interface that is able to communication with the surroundings, in addition to the autonomous driving function. The "eyes" of the RakuRo is equipped with an LED screen that indicates the robots intentions to people around you with expressions such as moving forward, turning left and right, and stopping. By designing the robot with eyes and giving facial expressions, they can fit alongside the people easily.

Also, thanks to Autonomous Driving function, unlike senior cars and electric wheelchairs, there is no need for manual operation using a joystick, and there is no risk of accidents.

Steering is possible with two front wheel tires, able to turn flexibly. The battery lasts for about 4 hours with a 1 hour charge.
RakuRo has various other features as well, and you can check the details below.

Use case of walking speed mobility "RakuRo"

Walking Speed Mobility RakuRo is designed to be compact, assuming that it will travel on the sidewalk. Therefore, it can be used in various places and areas such as hospitals and facilities for the elderly. In addition, by being always connected to the network, it is possible to grasp the information and location of the robots, the state of the user, etc., and it can also be used to provide new services such as MaaS services, remote control and watching functions.

Below, we introduce the Use Cases and the solutions and merits of RakuRo.

You can also use it like this!
RakuRo's "group walk function" solves the problem of walking for the elderly!

At facilities for the elderly, we often hear about the problem that residents are not able to take enough walks due to a shortage of caregivers and it causes of stress for the elderly.
Therefore, as a solution to this, ZMP has developed a "group walk function" that not only eliminates the need for caregivers to push the wheelchair by Autonomous Driving but also allows caregivers to accompany up to four elderly people on a walk.

Video of walking speed mobility "RakuRo"


Please click below for other videos.

Walking speed mobility "RakuRo" price

RakuRo is currently developing a sharing service plan.

By sharing, users can use RakuRo as personal mobility for about 10,000 JPY every month.

[RakuRo sharing service]
Lacro is provided to businesses for 120,000 yen / unit (lease) per month.
If the service is shared by 10 users, you can use Rakuro for about 10,000 JPY per month.

Check below for pricing and steps to get started.

Lacro Sharing Service in Tsukuda / Tsukishima area! Now accepting membership registration!

RakuRo's new lifestyle!
"Let's enjoy RakuRo ♡"
Single-Seater Robot "RakuRo"
Shinjima Ceremony in Tsukishima Sumiyoshi Shrine

Information on test drive experience of walking speed mobility "RakuRo"

For customers considering the introduction of RakuRo, we are conducting a test drive experience at the ZMP office (Myogadani, Bunkyo-ku) and the Lacro Share service area (Tsukuda / Tsukishima).

Test drive application form

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