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RakuRo is a single-seater personal mobility that automatically travels to the destination. The user simply selects the destination registered in advance on the tablet, and the passengers onboard do not have to worry about the surrounding people or the speed. This is a new vehicle that allows you to enjoy moving together while assisting the wheelchair and people along side.
 4分でわかる!歩行速モビリティ「RakuRo(ラクロ)」の『活用方法!』 紹介動画
A video to completely understand RakuRo in a short time!​ ​


RakuRo features an interface that enables communication with the surroundings, in addition to the autonomous driving function that runs autonomously. The front panel of the RakuRo is equipped with an LED panel that indicates your intentions around you, and you can convey RakuRo's actions to your surroundings with expressions such as moving forward, turning left and right, and stopping. By designing the robot with eyes and giving facial expressions, it is a design that easily blends into the public road (sidewalk) environment where people coexist.

Also, since it is equipped with an Autonomous Driving function, unlike senior cars and electric wheelchairs, there is no need for manual operation using a joystick, and there is no risk of accidents.

Steering is possible with two front wheel tires, enabling small turns. The battery can also run for about 4 hours with a 1-hour charge.
RakuRo has various other features as well, and you can check the details below.


歩行速モビリティ RakuRoは、歩道を走ることを想定し、コンパクトに設計されています。そのため、病院・高齢者施設内など様々な場所やエリアで活用が可能です。また、ネットワークに常時接続されていることで、機体の情報や位置、利用者の状態など把握ができ、MaaSサービス、遠隔操作や見守り機能など新しいサービスの提供にも利用できます。

Below, we introduce the Use Cases and the solutions and merits of RakuRo.

RakuRo's "group walk function" solves the problem of walking for the elderly!



You can check the service introduction video that uses RakuRo and the video that actually runs in the city and office district. In this section, we introduce a video demonstrating the use of commuting from the station to the office. In this video, the Myogadani area with many slopes, to drive uphill and downhill with Autonomous Driving control at a constant speed on a hill, and to easily cross steps on a pedestrian crossing is shown.

Please click below for other videos.


RakuRo is currently developing a sharing service plan.

By sharing, users can use RakuRo as personal mobility for about 10,000 JPY every month.

[RakuRo sharing service]
If the service is shared by 10 users, you can use Rakuro for about 10,000 JPY per month.

Check below for pricing and steps to get started.

ラクロシェアリング 佃・月島エリアでサービス中!会員登録受付中!

RakuRo's new lifestyle!
"Let's enjoy RakuRo ♡"
Single-Seater Robot "RakuRo"
Shinjima Ceremony in Tsukishima Sumiyoshi Shrine



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