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RoboCar Innovation

RoboCar innovation, Autonomous Driving vehicle platform Robocar series and Autonomous Driving MaaS utilizing the vehicle platform (Mobility as a Service) for Autonomous Driving offers the use services.

Mobility services for super cities and smart cities

This service is a service that optimizes the movement of people and goods by utilizing autonomous driving and automatic delivery technology. All of ZMP's various mobility can be connected to the robot management platform "ROBO-HI®", and each mobility can be monitored and optimally placed, enabling efficient operation of advanced autonomous driving systems. ROBO-HI can be linked with API, and can be linked with various IT service infrastructures that realize super city and smart city.

Autonomous Driving vehicle platform, "RoboCar®" series

The Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® series, which are for sale as an ADAS / Autonomous Driving development tool is available in various lineups according to the purpose of use.

We have vehicles based on 1/10 size RoboCar® 1/10 and single-seat electric cars, which can be tested even indoors, minivans and SUV type vehicles. We also handle small electric bus type vehicles specializing in the transportation of people.

Autonomous Driving utilization service for MaaS (Mobility as a Service)

In ZMP, Autonomous Driving platform and was developed in-house Autonomous Driving to take advantage of the related technology, customers create Autonomous Driving will support the services that take advantage of the technology.



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