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Under the mission of autonomous mobile technology as a core competence, "Robot of Everything automates every machine a person drives and creates a safe, enjoyable and convenient lifestyle". We have provided development support to automate every machine.This support service is to utilize ZMP's technology to provide autonomous mobile and Autonomous Driving technology to customers. We will create a new future using robot technology.

Overview · Features

ZMPでは、自律移動技術をコアコンピタンスとして、自動運転技術開発プラットフォームRoboCar® MiniVanを活用し、自動運転開発を進めてまいりました。


【Autonomous operation function used in our autonomous operation test in Odaiba (part)】

· Front-following function
・ 自己位置推定
· Peripheral object detection (peripheral vehicle, pedestrian)
· Lane Keep
· Lane change
. Signal recognition (including arrow signals)
· Turn right at intersection
· Road parking avoidance
· Registration route traveling
* The above is an example of control in the traffic environment on the general road and it does not guarantee that all can be realized in the request area.

Scenario example of using service

• ADAS · Experiment and evaluation in sensor development for Autonomous Driving
• Efforts aiming for automation and efficiency improvement of tests using autonomous mobile / Autonomous Driving
• Development of safety functions for construction machines and agricultural machines applying autonomous movement and environment recognition

For details about Autonomous driving vehicle development platform based on commercial hybrid minivan vehicle RoboCar MiniVan you can check​ ​here.

RoboCar MiniVan
市販ハイブリッドミニバンベース 自動運転車開発プラットフォーム

Specification (example)

Contents of products / services utilizing autonomous driving technology (example)

· Autonomous driving vehicle development platform RoboCar MiniVan (including sensors necessary for autonomous driving)
· Automatic operation computer IZAC (basic license fee + control component option, including running test cost)
· High precision map
· Remote monitoring system for demonstration experiment (for remote monitoring etc.)
· Planning of field trials and support planning of experiment scenario
· Software customization for realization of experiment scenario
· Engineering support on experiment implementation
· Operation support related to experiments (local coordinator, experimental driver, support car, etc.)




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