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Mobility partner『Robocar® Walk』

For any person who has a desire to move, Robocar® Walk can autonomously bring them to the destinations in airport, sightseeing spots, commercial facilities and will provide safe and reliable movement.


[Feature 1] Easy destination select with a tablet!
[Feature 2] Friendly design and communication with eyes and voice ♪
[Feature 3] Deluxe seat wrapping around the body for a comfortable ride ♪
[Feature 4] Safe and secure movement with advanced Autonomous Driving technology ♪


Sensors and devices necessary for autonomous movement are mounted on a compact body. Also, equipped with a chair for passengers that rotates 90 degrees to the left and right and is possible to get on and off easily.

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Application Examples

Robocar® Walk plays an active role in every scene where people need to move.

About Autonomous Driving technology

The advanced Autonomous driving technology cultivated in the development of Autonomous vehicles detects people, cars, and obstacles on the travel route, and performs appropriate movement control such as stopping and avoiding.
Example of installed sensor
Stereo camera
Rear camera

Application Examples


Commercial program

We announced a commercial program with a service price of monthly 100,000 JPY/unit​ ​
for partner companies aiming for practical application and full-scale deployment in 2020.
We are currently looking for partners to conduct feasibility verification and pre-operations​ ​
and pre-operations that will be the start of this "Commercial program"

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