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Customizable in-vehicle integrated measurement system Robo Data Logger


ZMP will start selling the Robo Data Logger, a customizable in-vehicle integrated measurement system, as a new service for the data acquisition solution RoboTest®.
Configuration example of in-vehicle integrated measurement system
This in-vehicle integrated measurement system is a system that combines a measurement logging computer and a sensor.

Measurements are equipped with basic functions such as the simultaneous measurement start function of various sensors and the confirmation of the logging status by using the logging application developed by our company.

In addition, it is also possible to customize for each customer depending on the number of sensors used, the type and data format requirements.

In addition to the sensors that have been measured by ZMP, we can receive and set up and deliver the sensors that you own. See below for examples of compatible sensors.

By using this in-vehicle integrated measurement system, system design and development period can be greatly shortened and man-hours for operation and data analysis time can be greatly reduced compared with the case where a disparate measuring device is introduced.

Measurement Sensors

Examples of sensors compatible with this logger are introduced below.
1. Monocular camera (Web camera) 2. Industrial cameras
3. GPS device (ZMP Position-Z) 4. Stereo camera (RoboVision® 2)
5. IMU equipment (ZMP IMU - Z2) 6. Vehicle CAN measurement (ZMP CANUSB-Z)
7. Electrocardiograph (ZMP ECG 2)   8. Temperature / humidity / luminometer
9. 3D-LiDAR

As described above , either to utilize the sensors proven by ZMP or accepting sensors that are already owned by customers
and perform setup.

For customers who already have a measurement sensor can consult us.

Logging software which can measure data with one click

Easy operation to achieve multi sensor synchronization
In addition, we offer measurement software to easily measure data.
The below are its features:

【Feature 1】Start measurement at the same time
【Feature 2】Start measurement with one click
【Feature 3】Logging status can be checked

By utilizing this logging software, it is possible to check the data measurement status at a glance and start/stop data measurement with a single click.
Sensor data is saved in each file and can be easily referred.
Logging application screen

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