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Data analysis / analysis platform service
Robo Data Platform

ZMP provides a data analysis platform "RoboData Platform" that promotes DX for research and development using large-capacity 3D LiDAR and camera image data.
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About RDP (Robo Data Platform)

This service is a web browser-based application, and by uploading data to the cloud, data can be used immediately. For example, an experimental team can upload driving data, and a remote development team can immediately check the contents of the data.
In addition, programs such as Python and MATLAB can be executed on this application, data is analyzed and analyzed on the cloud, and the results are confirmed and fed back by the evaluator. You can use it as a supporting tool for DX.

Features of RDP (Robo Data Platform)

ADAS, an experimental team that measures driving data and a development team that conducts data analysis / analysis because it is necessary to handle a huge amount of data in order to acquire various data in automatic driving development and perform analysis / analysis and post-processing work. , Evaluation team that evaluates the data after analysis, etc., various people are involved in data analysis and analysis, but there are many cases where wasteful manpower is generated by using different tools for each.
The RoboData Platform provided can be used as a platform that anyone can easily use anywhere as a tool to support DX conversion.

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