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About ZMP

Together, lets create a new future with robot technology

In ZMP, we apply robot technology to social tasks under the mission of "Automate all machines driven by people and create safe, pleasant and convenient lifestyle".We are developing technologies horizontally to real society like autonomous taxi,logistics robot,home delivery robot,drones.

The real thrill is the the products and services which we work on is to ease the society.
Let's create a new future!

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Message from the CEO

The Elli Show

Elli interviews and introduces our employees to you.

Workplace is where we spend most of our time.
So it is important to know about the ZMP members and the company atmosphere.

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Message from the leader

Below are the messages from leaders involved in each business and development.
Please check for ZMP's technology development and the messages from various teams supporting the business.
Autonomous driving
Autonomous Driving
Deep learning
Deep learning
Image Recognition
Delivery robot
IT Service
IT Service
Logistics support robot
Electric Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Corporate sales
Corporate sales

What's going on at ZMP

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