What is ZMP doing?

Robot of Everything

Robotics is at the heart of our technology. In addition to the development of our own hardware and software, we also handle our own IT services.We are the pioneers of autonomous driving and we simultaneously deal with the expansion of cutting edge technology like autonomous taxis, logistics robots, delivery robots and drones.
Our engineers feel a sense of achievement when they see the products or services which they have worked hard which serves a purpose in the society. It goes without saying that there is a lot of effort needed to realize them but ZMP engineers find motivation in seeing happy faces, being appreciated and most of all, acting as a catalyst to change the society for the better.​ ​

With an Open Mind

Along with the development of our own products, we also work together with large-scale companies to customize our technologies. We are at the forefront of new technological endeavours and we act as equal partners with other organizations.
We want to solve issues society has and to do so, we believe in actively collaborating with various partners.

Global working environment

We have engineers coming from 18 different nations around the world all working together at our headquarters in the Bunkyo-ward. This multinational environment helps to nurture mutual enhancement of skills between engineers.

Recognition, Decision, Operation - Developing the “Eyes and Brain” necessary for Autonomous driving and mobility

We develop internally the “eyes” which govern recognition and the “brain” for decision-making. We utilize the high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor for our stereo cameras as “eyes”. This technology involved preprocessing steps like synchronization, collimation and distortion correction, to distance and object detection from motion disparity, are also all internally developed. Unlike the ADAS on highways, driving on city streets call for a high level of recognition. It demands for recognition and prediction of numerous factors like pedestrians and other obstacles. We make autonomous driving possible by putting technology like localization and navigation into full use.

Daily Testing on City Streets Leading to Speedy Development

New algorithms are first put into simulation, then tested on test courses and finally on public roads. Testing on complex city streets really allows us to gather a large amount of data and gain valuable experience. We have the advantage of having the right to test on public roads, and not just on strictly controlled test courses.​ ​
For all of you out there who are tired of just doing simulation, come join and let’s test together!

Aiming High Leads to Technological Advancement

Although we are not a car manufacturer, our aim is to introduce Level 4 autonomous vehicles. The technology which is necessary for driver’s assistance on highways and complete autonomous driving on complex city streets are very different where on the latter, there are pedestrians and other obstacles present.
The level of competition in this field is ever so high and there are countless numbers of people trying to create and develop new devices and algorithms.​ ​
We believe that as a Japanese start-up company we have our unique role to play.
In order to bring about positive change and solve society’s issues, innovation is the key and we as a start-up can challenge ourselves for innovation.
This is the best part of working at ZMP.
Gone are the days when working for large corporations equalled stability for life.
So what are you waiting for? Come join us, in our melting pot of cultures to challenge together for the next big innovation!

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