What does ZMP do?

Robot of Everything

Automate every machine that people drive to create safe, fun and convenient lifestyle.

This is ZMP's mission.

To realize that, robotics is the basic technology. ZMP develops both hardware and software in-house, and also handles IT services. We apply robot technology to social tasks, and develop technologies such as Auto taxi , logistics robot, home delivery robot, drone, etc. horizontally to the real world.

The real thrill of ZMP's work is that the products / services are actually useful for society. To do that, it requires a lot of effort, but realizing it and being appreciated and society changing in a good direction and that is the motivation for ZMP members.

With an Open Mind

In parallel with the development of our own products, ZMP has customized its technology and is working on many projects with major companies.
We are promoting projects on an equal basis as a partner that creates new value together with ZMP which is at the forefront of efforts.

Also, we will actively collaborate with partners to solve social issues, not only ourselves.
Why do not you feel the dynamism of utilizing your talent and creating a new business while freely and openly involving others?

Global working environment

Engineers, sales & staff from 28 countries around the world are working at ZMP headquarters in Bunkyo Ward. In an open and flat environment, we are working with people from all over the world using state-of-the-art technology to solve problems, discuss themselves and have an environment that enhances each other.

The ZMP office where members with various values ​​gather is like "small earth".

Our products to change the society

ZMP was founded in the development of a biped walking robot and since then has been working on business with robot technology as the core. Currently, we provide services through Auto taxi , logistics robot, home delivery robot, and efforts with partner companies.

We would like to introduce our products and services below.

- Auto taxi

Toward the service implementation of autonomous taxi using a taxi vehicle of the HIINOMARU KOUTSU Co.,
As the center of Japanese business,
We conducted business demonstration experiments in areas with high taxi demand between Otemachi and Roppongi.

For commercialization, we are working on brush up Autonomous Driving technology, development of dispatch application and so on.

Engineers are both Japanese and foreigners who are working together to develop state-of-the-art technologies while making full use of their knowledge and skills!

- Logistics Robot CarriRo

CarriRo announced its concept in July 2014, started mass production sales in August 2015, and has been utilized by over 60 customers so far. Currently, we add a new model equipped with "autonomous movement function", and we are working on expanding the business of CarriRo which became convenient further.


- Delivery Robot CarriRo Deli​ ​

CarriRo Deli, Japan's first home delivery robot, began projects in 2016 and has been working on demonstration experiments with various partner companies. In the future, we will conduct a service demonstration experiment to deliver goods of the world's first convenience store at Keio University SFC for practical use.


- Efforts with partner companies

As an effort with partner companies through robot technology, we will introduce a case with the world's No. 1 tire manufacturer "Bridgestone".

In this project, we will use Autonomous Driving vehicles for tire performance tests and aim to put into practical use of tire noise test by unmanned Autonomous Driving (Level 4) in 2019.

The project team is working on how to respond to partner 's request while each team member thinks,
Through the project, "What you did is a pleasure for others.
We can feel this directly.

It seems that it is the centripetal force of the team, and it is driving force.

To you becoming a new member

In this field, competition is intense and new devices and services are being developed every day all over the world.

We believe that as a Japanese start-up company we have our unique role to play.
In order to bring about positive change and solve society’s issues, innovation is the key and we as a start-up can challenge ourselves for this innovation.
This is the best part of working at ZMP.

Gone are the days when working for large corporations equalled stability for life.
Why do not you try new challenges in the limited time of life?

An exciting daily life is waiting for you!

In diversity where engineers from 28 countries work, let's challenge together to realize discontinuous innovation! !