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Auto taxi

ZMP is pursuing technology development and demonstration experiment aiming at realization of unmanned autonomous travelling taxi "Auto Taxi" in 2020.

The Auto Taxi is equipped with sensors such as cameras and lasers and an autonomous driving computer IZAC on an automated driving vehicle RoboCar MiniVan based on a commercially available hybrid minivan, always keeping the situation of other surrounding cars and pedestrians. It can grasp and run safely and smoothly even in complex environment of public roads.

We started demonstration experiment of Autonomous Driving in the state of Aichi prefecture public road in 2014.Now,we develop and verify functions such as lane change and intersection right / left turns in the traffic environment of Odaiba, Roppongi, Otemachi etc.

Through various demonstration experiments and technological development, it is possible to control right and left turns at large intersections, lane change, signal detection, travel control such as stopping at a taxi pool, reservation system required for taxi / dispatch service, traveling vehicle management system.

Demonstration experiment video

Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment in Aug 2018
Location: Public roads from Roppongin to Otemachi, Tokyo
Copyright control by ZMP Inc.
In July 2018 Hinomaru transportation as a taxi operator and ZMP of Autonomous Driving technology jointly carried out public road service demonstration using the world's first Autonomous Driving taxi in central Tokyo.

Service provides a series of experiences such as reservation, ride and settlement of Autonomous Driving taxis using the user's own smartphone and widely possesses a realistic usage image of commercial service of Autonomous Driving taxi in the near future to users.

Concept movie

ZMP is pursuing technology development and demonstration test while drawing a society in which future autonomous operation has been put into practical use.
The following is a concept movie,'HOTARU(Fire Fly)' of the society in which Autonomous driving is realized.

At ZMP, we provide not only verification experiment but also service utilizing Autonomous Driving technology.

In ZMP to realize Auto taxi,we have developed a system for Autonomous Driving.
We are offering an " Autonomous Driving platform" to business operators such as taxi operators aiming to commercialize MaaS nationwide.

The service includes:
 サービス① 自動運転車両RoboCar® シリーズ
 サービス② 自動運転コンピューターIZAC®
 サービス③ 自動運転車両管理システム(FMS)

In addition, we also handle operations such as operation and monitoring of the Autonomous Driving platform, so that service operators can smoothly conduct development and verification utilizing this.

For details on the MaaS Autonomous Driving development platform refer the below link.
MaaS (Mobility as a Service)
for Autonomous Driving utilization​ ​
Support for providing mobility system utilizing Autonomous driving

Software supporting Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving control software IZAC

IZAC is a software platform for Autonomous Driving.Autonomous Driving development of ZMP is carried out using this IZAC. By connecting a sensor to a computer (PC) equipped with IZAC and allowing it to recognize, it makes judgments through control components of IZAC and controls it so that every machine It is possible to control.

Through IZAC, you can do all the cognition, judgment and operation necessary to move the machine.
It is a key component that can apply Autonomous Driving to vehicles and machines other than automobiles.
​ ​IZAC (Computer) for Autonomous operation and ADAS development platform

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