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Auto Taxi

ZMP is pursuing technology development and demonstration experiment aiming at realization of unmanned autonomous travelling taxi "Auto Taxi" in 2020.

The Auto Taxi is equipped with sensors such as cameras and lasers and an autonomous driving computer IZAC (Isaac) on an automated driving vehicle RoboCar MiniVan based on a commercially available hybrid minivan, always keeping the situation of other surrounding cars and pedestrians. It can grasp and run safely and smoothly even in complex environment of public roads.
We started demonstration experiment of autonomous driving in the state of Aichi prefecture's public road in 2014, afterwards, traffic volume is extremely high toward Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, where our office is located, and now to 2020.We develop and verify functions such as lane change and intersection ,right turn and turn in many traffic environment of Odaiba etc.

Demonstration experiment video

Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment in July 2017
Location:Public roads in ODAIBA,Tokyo
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In July 2017, we started collaborating with HINOMARU KOTSU Co., Ltd. to realize an Auto Taxi in 2020.
In addition in responding to lack of drivers, we will aim to increase the number of users by realizing a more convenient taxi service, aiming for the development of the taxi industry as a whole.
Concept movie
ZMP is pursuing technology development and demonstration experiments while drawing a society in which future autonomous operation has been put into practical use.
The following is a concept movie,'HOTARU(Fire Fly)' of society in which autonomous driving that we draw is realized.

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