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Our Vision

ZMP is pursuing technology development and demonstration experiments while drawing a society in which future autonomous technology has been put into practical use. The following is a concept movie,`HOTARU(Fire Fly) 2014` of society in which autonomous technology that we draw is realized.
ZMP aims not only in Autonomous cars but also a world where all the machines are automated.Presently we aim for the service-oriented which aims toward the autonomous operation of level 4 or more and have tackled development

Recognition, Decision, Operation - Developing the “Eyes and Brain” necessary for Autonomous driving and mobility

ZMP develops its own "brain" that is responsible for judging that "eyes" are responsible for cognition.Stereo cameras are developed by ourselves from pre-processing such as synchronization / parallelization / distortion correction, distance detection from parallax, object detection, etc. using high sensitivity CMOS imager.Unlike ADAS on expressway, in urban area traveling, complicated recognition such as responding to unexpected situations such as surrounding cars, pedestrians, bicycles and motorbikes and sudden jumping out of the shade of a car is required.Other transit, pedestrians, etc., various recognition and prediction that utilize AI and deep learning technology are necessary.

Public road demonstration experiment

ZMP started the demonstration experiment of Autonomous Driving in the public roads of Aichi prefecture in 2014 and later we started to experiment in the busiest roads of Tokyo. We developed and verified functions such as lane change and intersection right / left turns in traffic environment of Odaiba etc. where traffic volume is very high. At the end of 2017, we carried out a public road Autonomous Driving demonstration experiment with the driver not in the driver's seat. Also, we got featured in various media and articles and in August 2018 we demonstrated the world's first Autonomous Driving taxi, driving from Tokyo Station (Otemachi) to Roppongi using more than 90% of Autonomous Driving functionality. We received the customer’s comments as "safe and secure ride". In ZMP, we will verify the acceptability of Autonomous Driving to society and the feasibility of service while enabling society to accept cars at Autonomous Driving. We will accelerate technology development toward realization of Auto taxi in 2020.

Realization of Japan's first Autonomous Driving service

In recent years, there are various news of the development of Autonomous Driving that moves politics and economics in the US and Europe. Where there are articles of practical application,development trends. ZMP is a Japanese company and is working on development aiming to realize Autonomous Driving service.

In addition, ZMP has encouraged the government and ministries and agencies to conduct activities to facilitate the development of Autonomous Driving,in situations where legal and regulatory issues are unprecedented.In a society where fully Autonomous Driving has been realized it is true that there are various problems such as responsibility problems at the time of accident and insurance problems. In response to these challenges,we would like to create an environment where new technologies can be accepted by society by encouraging themselves to lead the way ahead.

In addition, the technology developed with ZMP feeds back its knowledge to various products to be utilized in the development within the industry as well as car manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, electric manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony. Our RoboCar series vehicles and other products are used for research and for various development by many institutions, universities and research institutes.

Here we are introducing the services and products we are working on with ZMP.

ZMP has been working on technology development and service development utilizing Autonomous Driving , the following are the examples.
For details please check each page.
For MaaS
Autonomous operation utilization service
Support for providing mobility system utilizing Autonomous Driving
Autonomous Driving vehicle​ ​
RoboCar SUV
Commercially available SUV vehicle based Autonomous Driving vehicle development platform
Logistics support service
Enable autonomous moving and logistical efficiency using carriage robot
Delivery robot
 CarriRo Deli
Provide last one mile solution with home delivery robot

We are looking for members to promote practical application of Autonomous Driving !
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