Our Vision​ ​

Our Vision

ZMP is pursuing technology development and demonstration test while drawing a society in which future Autonomous Driving has been put into practical use.
The following is a concept movie, 'HOTARU(Fire Fly)' of the society in which Autonomous Driving is realized.
ZMP aims not only in Autonomous cars but also a world where all the machines are automated. In order to support the Olympics in Tokyo, which is the center of the economy, and to provide mobility to support in area which need mobility services, we are working on the development of services aiming at level 4 Autonomous Driving or higher.

In addition, we would like to develop and deliver ZMP services not only in Japan, but also in Asia, such as China, Korea, and Vietnam, as well as in the United States, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.​ ​

Recognition, Decision, Operation - Developing the “Eyes and Brain” necessary for Autonomous Driving and mobility

ZMP develops in-house core technologies necessary for Autonomous Driving.

An example is the "eyes" that governs cognition and the "brains" that governs judgment.

The stereo camera uses a high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor, and is in-house developed from preprocessing such as synchronization, parallelization, and distortion correction to distance detection from parallax and object detection. Unlike ADAS on expressways, in urban driving, complex recognition is taken such as responding to unexpected situations such as sudden jumps out from the car, pedestrians, bicycles, bikes, and cars behind cars. Other traffic, pedestrians, etc., we need various recognition and prediction using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and deep learning technology.

In addition, the brains of Autonomous Driving can be installed not only in cars but also in Logistics Support robots and delivery robots, achieving automation of all machines.

Automate all machines and create a convenient society

ZMP started selling and developing tools for Autonomous vehicles from 2009 and has accumulated technology and know-how for Autonomous control. At present, with the technology we developed, we have been expanding the logistics support robot and delivery robot. We will introduce our products below.
Auto Taxi
Logistics support robot
Delivery robot

Autonomous Driving Taxi service trial

ZMP began its experimenting using Autonomous Driving Technology in 2014 at Aichi Prefecture, and later we did experiments around our office area, Bunkyo-ku Tokyo. Currently, we are developing and testing functions such as lane changes and turning to the left and right in traffic environments such as Odaiba where traffic is extremely high. In 2017 the trial was carried with no driver in the driver seat. We have just realized the world's first Autonomous Driving taxi services to fare-paying passengers on public roads between Otemachi and Roppongi, together with HINOMARU Kotsu Co., Ltd. in the month of August,2018 and above 90% of the functioning was Autonomous. We were able to receive comments like “Safe Ride” from the customers. We ZMP, while improving the acceptability of automated driving to society and the feasibility of services, we will build an environment in which Autonomous Driving vehicles shall be accepted by society and accelerate technology development toward the realization of automatic taxis and MaaS in 2020.

Realization of Japan's first Autonomous driving service

In Japan, Toyota Motor, Nissan, and Softbank are the first to commercialize Autonomous Driving.

Among them, ZMP is currently working on the development of fully automated autonomous driving, MaaS service, and New Mobility service.

In addition, ZMP has been engaged in public relations activities to facilitate development of Autonomous Driving by working with the Government and Ministries.​ ​

In a society where fully automated driving has been realized, it is also true that there are various issues such as liability issues and insurance issues in the event of an accident. We would like to create an environment where new technology can be accepted by society by cutting the front line and working on these issues.

Various automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan and electric manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sony and other institutes like AIST and other universities use products such as RoboCar series vehicles as development tools.

Applying robotics technology to the logistics industry

CarriRo®, a logistics support robot started sales in 2016 and has been introduced to more than 120 companies. CarriRo® is a product that has evolved while responding to the needs of logistics field, adding a linking function with an external device, with the core function being the Karugamo function that comes with beacons (light transmitters) and the autonomous movement function.

As it can utilize the autonomous movement function without large-scale installation of equipment, it is used in various places such as major 3PL companies and automobile parts factories in Japan.
We will introduce some of the features below along with user examples.
Karugamo function
Autonomous Moving function
Equipped with external connection function

The world's first home delivery robot service

CarriRo® Deli, which was developed with the aim of realizing the world's first delivery robot service, is a delivery robot that uses Autonomous Driving technology equipped with a loadable box.

Equipped with a LiDAR or camera as a sensor for autonomous movement, LED panels on the eyes and a speaker installed, it can communicate with people around.

In order to realize a home delivery service, we provide an autonomous mobile robot, user / store applications, and IT services packaged.

As an initiative of ZMP, we have carried out a delivery robot service demonstration experiment within the university campus that delivers the product and receives the payment. Autonomous Driving technology, "the era from development to use", we are transitioning to a phase where it will be used to create new industries in the future, promote regional development, and make the world more convenient.

Always keep up with new initiatives

In addition to the initiatives introduced above, below are few others.



Please wait for the announcement of new ZMP initiatives.

Services and Products​ ​

ZMP has been working on technology development and service development using Autonomous Driving technology.
Below listed are few of our products and services. For more details of the products, please visit each page.
Autonomous Driving utilization service
Support for providing mobility system utilizing Autonomous Driving technology
Autonomous Driving vehicle​ ​
RoboCar® SUV
Commercially available SUV vehicle based Autonomous Driving vehicle development platform
Logistics support service
Enable Autonomous moving and logistical efficiency using carriage robot
Delivery robot
 CarriRo Deli
Provide last one mile solution with delivery robot

We are looking for members to promote practical application of Autonomous driving !
Why do not you work together while giving impact to society?

​ ​Basic information on Autonomous Driving and ADAS

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