Our Vision Our Vision

Our Vision

ZMP is pursuing technology development and demonstration experiments while drawing a society in which future autonomous technology has been put into practical use. The following is a concept movie,`HOTARU(Fire Fly) 2014` of society in which autonomous technology that we draw is realized.

Recognition, Decision, Operation - Developing the “Eyes and Brain” necessary for Autonomous driving and mobility

We develop internally the “eyes” which govern recognition and the “brain” for decision-making. We utilize the high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor for our stereo cameras as “eyes”. This technology involved preprocessing steps like synchronization, collimation and distortion correction, to distance and object detection from motion disparity, are also all internally developed. Unlike the ADAS on highways, driving on city streets call for a high level of recognition. It demands for recognition and prediction of numerous factors like pedestrians and other obstacles. We make autonomous driving possible by putting technology like localization and navigation into full use.

Public road demonstration experiment

ZMP started its experiment of autonomous technology in the public road of Aichi prefecture in 2014, afterwards, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo with our office, and now Odaiba etc. where the traffic volume is very high.We are developing and verifying functions such as lane change and intersections, right / left turns in the traffic environment. At the end of 2017, we conducted an automatic public road drive demonstration experiment which is the first in the country to do so without a driver in the driver's seat. We will accelerate this technology development to realize Auto taxi in 2020.

Introducing the services and products of ZMP!

For MaaS
Autonomous operation utilization service
Support for providing mobility system utilizing Autonomous Driving
Autonomous Driving vehicle​ ​
RoboCar SUV
Commercially available SUV vehicle as base Autonomous Driving vehicle development platform
Logistics support service
Enable autonomous moving and logistical efficiency using carriage robot
Delivery robot
 CarriRo Delivery
Provide last one mile solution with home delivery robot

We are looking for members to promote practical application of Autonomous Driving !
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