Automatic tracking function installed

The logistic support robot CarriRo makes it possible to reduce the burden and efficiency at the logistics and manufacturing sites,
We will reduce the time and costs that we have taken so far

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Introduction of tow attachments! !
Introduction of the 2018 model! !
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Container / packaging material trading company
~ Mizuno Sangyo Co., Ltd. ~
Maintenance / support company
~ NEC Fielding ~
Auto parts manufacturer

Customer introduction case

​ ​Kasai Industry Co., Ltd.
Property logistics
​ ​Solutions Corporation
Sony Semiconductor
Toyotsu Logistics Co., Ltd.
NEC Fielding
​ ​Toppan Information Processing Co., Ltd.
​ ​Toppan Information Processing Co., Ltd.
Maeda Construction Industry
​ ​Yuri Kogyo Co., Ltd.
​ ​China · Kei Dong Group
Mizuno Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Mizuno Sangyo Co., Ltd.
* In the case of remote areas, business trip costs may be incurred.
Please inquire in detail.

Features of Logistic Support Robot CarriRo

Drive mode that you can freely move without using force

The logistic support robot CarriRo can carry up to 150 kg of baggage by simply tilting the joystick at hand without any effort.
Furthermore, the lever is tilted in every direction, and both the curve and the back are free!

Three units can be controlled by one person. Karugamo mode that comes automatically without pushing.

Generally, you can only use one car per person, but if you use the automatic karugamo function, you can triple the work efficiency and contribute to the reduction of logistics costs.

Further cost cutting by autonomous movement of the specified area.

In the autonomous movement mode which is currently under development, once the route is set, even if no one is present, it becomes possible to automatically carry the parcels.

IoT package (* currently under development) to promote further work efficiency and visualization in cooperation with inventory management system

In the IoT package which is currently under development, we collaborate with SAP and Toppan Printing, and link the information available from CarriRo and the stock information read from RFID to the system to further improve operational efficiency and visualization of the site .
* In the case of remote areas, business trip costs may be incurred.
Please inquire in detail.

CarriRo also has basic performance​ ​Overwhelming

Continuous operation within business hours is possible
Up to 8 hours continuous operation
Maximum speed 6 km !!
Speed ​​adjustment in 4 steps
CarriRo reacts to beacons,
Follows workers and front CarriRo
An individual ID is set in the beacon
It will not follow the wrong beacon

The possibilities are infinity. Available in various scenes.


Picking in distribution center

While manipulating free hands and tablets,
It is possible to let CarriRo follow and carry packages.
Reduce picking time and reduce workload greatly.


Logistics in the building

With logistics in the shop at commercial facilities (shopping centers etc.)
By utilizing Karugamo mode,
You can reduce the number of transports per day to 1/3.


Factory transport between processes

It can be used as a substitute for belt conveyor and AGV by utilizing Karmamo mode for inter-process conveyance in the factory.


Procurement at retail stores

By utilizing CarriRo in the product shopping business at supermarkets and retail stores, it is possible to work smoothly without the burden of workers.

Main specification

Body weight

55 kg

Outer dimensions Width 61 cm
Depth 91 cm (99 cm including handle part)
Pile height 24 cm
Height Joystick tip to 96 cm

Operating temperature

0ºC to 40ºC
Maximum loading capacity 150 kg ※ Flat routes only
Traction 250 N * Tow car weight (including load) 300 kg equivalent
Maximum speed 6 km / h
Following sensor Optical type, maximum detection distance 5 m
Walking angle 4 degrees

Minimum turning radius

Drive mode: 63 cm
(Karugamo mode U turn function function)
 Obstacle sensor  超音波センサー
Battery Lithium ion battery
Operating time  8時間(運続稼働時)
Charging time  約2時間30分
Charging method  専用充電器使用 AC100V-240V 8.5A
Beacon charge time  約2時間30分  
Beacon uptime  10 時間
Beacon charging method  USB micro-B 型充電器 AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Supervised by CarriRo: Masahiko Nagahama​ ​

Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Nikkei Designer 1990 Nagahama Design Office established. Daily necessities, automobile related goods, sporting goods product design and design consulting work. Develop broad design activities not bound by genre.
Currently, Professor of Design at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. The main work in recent years is "Golf Brand PRGR's Club Design", "Boeing 737 Rabatlie", "Bed Soft Preventive Equipment Mediaa" (G Mark Award), "Joint Design Project with Kiso Lacquer Warehouse" (Milano Salone Exhibition) 2013 Golf club egg FW "(G mark award) Design of bicycle competition" Girls calinewear "" Japan national representative of cycling competition "etc.

Related Products

CarriRo Pippi

It is a dedicated application on the tablet which enables detailed settings such as CarriRo's voice and detection range of obstacle sensor. Self maintenance functions such as checking sensor operation status, displaying error contents and software update are also installed.

Tow attachment

It is possible to tow a roll box pallet (basket truck) and a six wheel truck (slim cart) etc. Easily removable, adjustable to the width of the truck towed etc, it is possible to respond flexibly according to the truck you use at various sites.


By lighting in conjunction with CarriRo's traveling, you can call attention to the surroundings. Sound also flows while traveling, but by using it in conjunction with light, we will contribute to safe operation.


5 year lease
Monthly 28,000 yen / 1 unit

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tel 03-5844-6211          fax 03-5802-6908

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