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New logistics operation by introducing the CarriRo series

CarriRo uses ZMP's Autonomous Driving technology to automate every transportation scene in warehouses and factories.
By using CarriRo, it is possible to save labor and improve work efficiency through automation in various scenes from receipt to shipment in the warehouse.
In addition, CarriRo has a feature that it can connect to the cloud, grasp productivity, coordinate control of multiple aircraft, and link between series.
Logistics site with CarriRo series

Three characteristics of CarriRo

(1) Versatility (Flexible autonomous driving allows use regardless of location or transportation scene)
(2) Expandability (Add-on necessary functions to achieve the optimal balance between cost and effect)
(3) Cost performance (Providing the maximum effect at a reasonable cost by using Autonomous Driving technology)

Customer Case Study video

Autonomous movement model
-Hokkaido Logistic Service Co., Ltd.-
Labor saving by automatic conveyance
-Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.-
Reduce the work of three or more people to one
-Belle Maison Logisco-

Introduction to case study

Here are some of our customers who have introduced CarriRo.

New Customer Case Study

Sagawa Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
Sumisho Global Logistics Co., Ltd.
Simple model with assist function and follow-up function

CarriRo® AD
Model equipped with autonomous movement function using landmarks

CarriRo® AD+​ ​
Heavy-duty model that can carry more than twice the weight

CarriRo Fork (Reach type)
Autonomous forklift based on reach type
CarriRo Fork (Walkie type)
Autonomous forklift based on the walkie type
CarriRo Tractor 25T
Autonomous EV towing vehicle that utilizes Autonomous​ ​
CarriRo Tractor 2.5T
Autonomous EV towing vehicle that utilizes Autonomous​ ​

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