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About the approach between ZMP and Komatsu

Komatsu and ZMP have achieved unmanned Autonomous Driving in the Komatsu IoT Center Tokyo where Komatsu promotes the initiative leading to the future site solution "Smart Construction" that connects the entire site with ICT to improve productivity.​ ​
The Crawler Dump CF-1 unmanned Autonomous Driving vehicle is equipped with ZMP Autonomous Driving software IZAC®, various sensors such as GPS (GNSS), stereo camera, etc. and controls the vehicle necessary for Autonomous Driving, Self-position estimation, object detection, route planning generation, inter-vehicle communication technology using WiFi equipment.
Below we will introduce the ZMP products and related services utilized in this initiative.

Autonomous Driving software IZAC® for automating various machines

IZAC® is a software platform for Autonomous Driving.

By connecting a sensor to a computer (PC) equipped with IZAC® and making it recognize it is possible to control every machine by making judgments and controlling through IZAC®'s control components. Through IZAC®, you can do all the cognition, judgment and operation necessary to move the machine.

In addition, IZAC® was designed and developed from the scratch as a middleware and environment specialized for Autonomous Driving automobiles on public roads. It has been adopted as a platform for demonstration tests of Autonomous Driving that ZMP has been doing so far.

In addition to this construction project, it is utilized cross-cutting by various projects such as Autonomous Driving vehicles, buses, delivery robots and so on.

Stereo camera RoboVision®2s detects the distance and object in the surroundings​ ​

In this project, RoboVision®2s is installed as a sensor that senses the outside world. It is possible to detect objects, measure the distance to surrounding objects and so on.

RoboVision 2s was developed as a robot eye, and operates with USB power supply in a characteristic compact housing like a hero's glasses, connecting a cable to a PC, this is a stereo camera that can easily acquire images using a dedicated application.
has been introduced to more than 100 companies and universities and has been adopted as a tool for R & D, Autonomous Driving and ADAS development.

In addition, ZMP also released "RoboVision®3", a four-lens stereo camera that can sense a distance and field of view that has a maximum measuring distance of 150 m and a horizontal viewing angle of 100 °.
It can be used for the detection of oncoming vehicles from a distance when turning right at the intersection which was difficult in the past and for wide detection of pedestrians and vehicles at the intersection right turn.

Product development and service demonstration support utilizing Autonomous Driving technology

ZMP provides an Autonomous Driving system combining mobility and service, MaaS (Mobility as a Service) to service providers who want to utilize Autonomous Driving for service development and verification.

ZMP has developed Autonomous Driving technology remote surveillance system, reservation management system, etc. and for practical realization we demonstrated Autonomous Driving taxi service between Otemachi and Roppongi.

We are actively working on automating all moving bodies regardless of passenger cars. In order to realize the Autonomous Driving service created by the service provider, we will provide automated operation system developed up to now as an "Autonomous Driving platform" to business operators aiming to commercialize MaaS. We also provide operations such as operation and monitoring of the Autonomous Driving platform so that the service provider can smoothly develop and verify using it.

Related products

ZMP also offers a variety of other products that support Autonomous Driving.
As a part of it, RoboCar® series which can be controlled from programs, RoboVision®3, a stereo camera capable of measuring a distance up to 150 m and horizontal viewing angle 100 °. Position-Z which can measure GPS and atmospheric pressure and can transmit on CAN, IMU sensor IMU - Z2 that can measure acceleration, gyroscope and geomagnetism by Bluetooth. We have a lineup of products that can be utilized for various technological developments.
For product details, please refer to the following.
RoboCar® series
Outline of Autonomous Driving technology development platform RoboCar® series
RoboVision® 3
A stereo camera capable of sensing a distance of 150 m and a horizontal viewing angle of 110 °.
GPS / pressure integrated position sensor capable of CAN output
9-axis motion sensor that can be measured by wireless or wired

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