Case examples of point cloud measurement by stereo camera RoboVision 2 and IZAC

Case examples of point cloud measurement by stereo camera RoboVision 2 and IZAC
- Point cloud generation with camera without using expensive LIDAR. For self position estimation and utilization for SLAM -

Upper left: left and right camera image,
Bottom left: parallax image (shading distance)
Right: 3D point cloud display

System configuration

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, President: Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter ZMP) has released a point cloud measurement example by stereo camera RoboVision 2 and Autonomous Driving computer IZAC on the website.

In this case, 3-dimensional point cloud (point cloud) data is generated from the data of RoboVision 2 and processed by the Autonomous Driving computer IZAC.
With the point cloud, you can check several flat vehicles, vehicles in the front, next to the lane. The point cloud can also be generated from 3D LIDAR, but by creating from a stereo camera, it is possible to construct a lower cost system.
The point cloud can be used as an Autonomous Driving or as a sensing system for an autonomous mobile robot, such as self position estimation, obstacle detection, SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping).
RoboVision 2 is a stereo camera equipped with Sony's ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor and is used for research and development in automobile manufacturers, parts manufacturers and research institutions as a sensing system for automobiles and mobile robots.
IZAC is an integrated system of hardware and software capable of efficiently developing development of libraries of functions of cognition, judgment and operation required for Autonomous Driving and also supports general purpose development tool OpenCV · point cloud library. IZAC is installed in RoboCar® MiniVan, an Autonomous Driving vehicle developed by the Company, and it is sold as an Autonomous Driving technology development platform, and it is used for various demonstration experiments on public roads. In addition, it is also installed in the delivery robot CarriRo® Delivery and is used for various demonstration experiments.

We will continue to develop Autonomous Driving technology, we will support your research and development through related technologies, products and services.

[Stereo camera RoboVision 2 and IZAC point cloud measurement movie]

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