【Introductory case introduction】 Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® MV 2 Fukui National College of Technology used for research on remote control of electric vehicles by mobile terminals

Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar MV 2 sold by ZMP Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter referred to as ZMP) was introduced to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Fukui National College of Technology and It is utilized in the research of the remote control of an electric vehicle powered by a smartphone. We are pleased to announce the case introduction on our website this time.

【Introduction of RoboCar MV 2 application case】 Fukui National College of Technology

RoboCar MV 2 (upper) and experimental situation (lower) introduced at Fukui National College of Technology

At Fukui National College of Technology, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which is focused on energy, optical and electronic devices, communication and electronics, information and control. In order to acquire skills,we learn the basic subjects specialized in mathematics, physics, electric / electronic engineering, information processing etc, and graduation research belongs to the laboratory for one year. In the Department of Information Logic Laboratory of the same department, focusing on the number of accidents in the parking lot.We are advancing research on remote control electric cars using smart phones to reduce accidents by remotely operating while checking the surroundings of the vehicle .

In this research, RoboCar MV 2, an electric vehicle platform capable of experimenting in a compact space, is utilized. We started research with the remote control by the driving controller fixed to the desk, and now we are conducting research on operation methods using smartphones that are close to us without the restriction of place by communication, assuming daily operation. We create a dedicated smartphone application, and we are building a system that can control the steering and back and forth movement of the vehicle by operations such as rotation and inclination of the mobile phone. Professor Akio Maruyama , Associate Professor at the same laboratory explained about the purpose of using RoboCar MV 2, " We are aiming to Realize an intuitive and practical operation method by operating the electric car by actually operating the smartphone, not the simulation screen.

RoboCar MV 2 which is an Autonomous Driving development platform of ZMP is utilized for experimental vehicles in this research. RoboCar MV2 is an Autonomous Driving development platform modified on the basis of a commercial single-seat electric vehicle so that it can control the vehicle from an external computer. The user can easily control the vehicle with the sample program installed on the attached PC. Moreover, by using information of API (Application Programming Interface) provided for communication with RoboCar, it is possible to control the vehicle from PC owned by the user, and to many people involved in Autonomous Driving and ADAS (advanced driving support system) .

In addition to the RoboCar MV2 which was introduced in Fukui National College of Technology in ZMP, dedicated PC for customers who want to do the experiment of the remote control, Wi-Fi routers, "RoboCar MV2 remote control package" that adds a steering controller and Autonomous Driving experiments.We also offer "RoboCar MiniVan Autoware package" equipped with Autoware which is Autonomous Driving open source software for customers who want to start quickly. We also offer ZMP's proprietary Autonomous Driving computing platform "IZAC®".

We will continue to contribute to the development of Autonomous Driving technology through provision of an Autonomous Driving development platform and support with demonstration experiments.

【About ZMP RoboCar MV 2】

Features of RoboCar MV2
· Compact car body allows experiments indoors and outdoors
· Control of steering, accelerator and brake
· User program can be executed by dedicated controller
· Switchable between Automatic control mode and Manual mode

RoboCar MV 2 8 million yen (excluding tax)
RoboCar MV 2 Remote operation package 9 million yen (excluding tax)
RoboCar MV2 Autoware package 13,300,000 yen (excluding tax) ~

【Basic function of Autoware】
• 3D map generation
• Three-dimensional self-location estimation
• Route generation
• Route follow
• Automatic stop
• Vehicle recognition
• Pedestrian recognition etc ..

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