Pre-order Unmanned towing vehicle "CarriRo® Tractor 2.5T" which can carry upto 2.5 tons both indoors and outdoors

-Delivery from December 2020. Demonstration of actual machine at ZMP World 2020-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) started to accept order for the latest unmanned towing vehicle "CarriRo® Tractor 2.5T" from today. The shipping to start from December 2020.

New product "CarriRo Tractor 2.5T"

The CarriRo Tractor 2.5T has a payload capacity of 2,500 kg and is the largest in the CarriRo series. In addition, it is the first in the series to be able to run outdoors. We will contribute to labor saving for forklifts and electric towing vehicles.

Conventionally, the magnetic line induction type was the mainstream for AGVs traveling outdoors. On the other hand, laying magnetic lines is much more laborious than indoors, and construction costs are high, making installation and route changes more difficult than indoors. Therefore, CarriRo Tractor 2.5T adopts the inertial guidance method to perform automatic operation based on various sensor information based on mapping. In addition, by installing a magnetic nail on the road surface, the work of laying and changing routes can be minimized, and long-distance running and flexible route setting are possible.

CarriRo Tractor 2.5T can be installed in the following 3 steps.
(1) After determining the driving route, create a map route
(2) Installation of magnetic nail
(3) On-site driving tuning

In the future, we will promote the tow truck, which will be towed by CarriRo Tractor 2.5T, in collaboration with Jaroc Co., Ltd. (Nakano-ku, Tokyo, President: Rikimaru Saito).

[Characteristics of Jaroc tow truck]
・4WS pallet transfer system with a small turn
・Original tow truck tailored to the product
・Overseas production

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【Product price】 
CarriRo Tractor 2.5T: 5-year lease for JPY 152,000 per month (excluding tax) / 1 unit

[Release time]
We will begin shipping from December 2020.

[Outline of ZMP World 2020]
Theme: "Robot Life -Create a safe and enjoyable life through the coexistence of humans and robots-"​​ ​

ZMP World 2020 Demo Week
Date: August 24th (Monday) to 28th (Friday), 9:30-17:00
Venue: CarriRo Innovation Center
(3-11-10 Edagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0051 Tsukishima Warehouse 4F)
Participation fee: Free
Event Page:​ ​

[About the logistics support robot CarriRo®]
The logistics support robot CarriRo® is developed by applying the Autonomous driving technology of ZMP. In the logistics industry, where there is a rapid labor shortage due to the declining birthrate and aging population, we carry out CarriRo sales with the aim of reducing the burden of transportation work and saving labor and efficiency. Currently, we have a cumulative total of about 200 users since the start of sales, and we are expanding the introduction to various fields such as logistics bases and factories as well as the service industry such as hotels due to new added value by autonomous movement.

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【Main Specifications】

CarriRo Tractor 2.5T
Body dimensions
W 1080 mm x H 1480 mm x D 1800 mm
Tow type
Induction method
Inertial guidance system
Driving method
Autonomous/manual switchable
Vehicle weight


Automatic: 0.6-2.5km/h (10-42m/min)

Manual: 0.6-3.2km/h(10-54m/min)

Stop accuracy


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New product "CarriRo Tractor 2.5T"

ラクロシェアリング サービス実施中です!

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