Unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork launches automatic truck handling solution

Autonomous Driving technology to handle pallet misalignment, doubling the transport capacity in conjunction with AGV-

Automatically loading and unloading pallets from trucks

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi) has started to provide an automatic cargo handling solution for trucks using the pallet recognition function ForkEye by the unmanned forklift CarriRo Fork.

Cargo handling of pallets from trucks is generally performed at any factory or warehouse site, but labor shortages and soaring labor costs for forklift workers are major issues at the site. On the other hand, when automating the cargo handling work with an unmanned forklift, it was necessary to operate the pallets to be loaded and unloaded so that they would not shift from the initial position. However, it has been difficult to handle with an unmanned forklift because of (1) the shift of the stop position of the truck, (2) the shift of the height of the loading platform due to the weight of the luggage, and (3) the shift of the position of the pallet itself loaded on the truck.

Therefore, CarriRo Fork has realized the unloading of pallets from trucks as well as the loading by unmanned forklifts by utilizing the pallet recognition function ForkEye that applies Autonomous Driving ForkEye solves the above-mentioned problems peculiar to unmanned forklifts because it detects pallet misalignment over a wide range and flexibly corrects the trajectory for loading and unloading. Furthermore, when loading pallets, a special marker is used to make the unmanned forklift recognize the position where the pallet is to be placed on the truck, and the pallet is accurately packed to the left and right to increase the pallet loading efficiency in the truck. Also secure.

In addition, as a feature of this solution, CarriRo Fork realizes about twice the transport capacity as before by concentrating on loading and unloading work by performing loading and unloading work in conjunction with AGV / AMR type CarriRo AD + pallet loading type. increase. This makes it possible to handle loading and unloading work from trucks that require timely work.

Functions related to this solution will be demonstrated on the actual machine at ZMP World 2021 Demo Week held at the CarriRo Innovation Center from July 27 to 29, 2021.

[ZMP World 2021 Demo Week]
Date and time: July 27th (Tuesday) -29th (Thursday), 2021 4 times a day (10: 00 ~, 13: 00 ~, 15: 00 ~, 17: 00 ~)
Venue: CarriRo Innovation Center (3-11-10 Edagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo, STS Tsukishima Warehouse 4F)
Participation fee: Free
Event Page:​ ​https://www.zmp.co.jp/event/zmpworld2021/demoweek
Reservation page:https://forms.gle/eUBfacpzrtTiNw5f8

[Main product specifications]
Carriro fork

Body dimensions
Length 2307 x Width 1380 x Height 2750 (mm)

Forklift type

Maximum speed
4.2km / h when unloaded, 3.6km / h when loaded

Stop accuracy

± 20mm
Vehicle weight
Safety function
Laser sensor, bumper sensor, emergency stop button

[CarriRo Fork Price]
CarriRo Fork (reach model): 5-year lease, monthly fee 338,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo Fork (Reach type) Fork Eye installed model: 5 years lease for JPY 350,000 per month (excluding tax) / 1 unit

[Carri Ro Fork product page]

[About the unmanned forklift CarriRo® Fork]
The unmanned forklift CarriRo Fork is a product developed by utilizing Autonomous Driving technology that ZMP has cultivated in Autonomous Driving The base vehicle for the forklift truck is made by Linde Material Handling. A Autonomous Driving fork operation, achieving an operating accuracy of ± 10 to 20 mm. This makes it possible to automate and save labor in pallet transportation for transportation work in distribution warehouses and factories. The feature is that it can be realized in a few days from the pre-mapping of the work area to the start of operation with a simple setup, which reduces the labor shortage, which is an urgent issue, and contributes to solving social issues.

[Press Release Article]
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