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Super high sensitivity stereo camera system RoboVision 2s

RoboVision 2s​ ​
In-car image

Overview · Features

"RoboVision® 2s" is a stereo camera system that has two Sony ultra-sensitive CMOS image sensors IMX 224 and can be imported into PC with USB 3.0.

Compared to the stereo camera system "RoboVision 2", lens performance of RoboVision 2s has been improved, and an optical low pass filter is added.
Improvement of the lens realizes improvement of the peripheral resolution, and the influence of moiré and false color is reduced by adding an optical low pass filter.
By using this product, smooth distance measurement results can be acquired by reducing variations in the change in the measured distance value when distance measurement is performed.

In addition, as a new function, the image measurement function is added by Linux software, image parameters such as frame rate and HDR are set, and images of about 4 hours can be measured continuously up to 30 fps (1280 × 960 size) to SSD.

Description Video


The camera module
Image sensor Sony 1/3 type effective 127 thousand pixels
CMOS image sensor IMX 224 × 2

1280 × 960 pixels (30 fps), 640 × 480 pixels (120 fps)

Horizontal view angle 45°
Interface USB 3.0
Baseline length 210 mm
Function Synchronization, distortion correction, stereo collimation, wide dynamic range, etc.
Software development environment (SDK)
Library Camera I / F, parallax image generation
Application RAW output, distortion correction result output, parallax image output *
Operating environment Linux / Windows 8.1
※ Product images and specifications are under development and subject to change without notice.
* Resolution · Frame rate depends on PC specifications.


RoboVision 2s 900,000 yen (excluding tax)
(RoboVision 2s main unit, car mount, USB cable, CD-ROM (manual, SDK))

RoboVision 2s PC set package 1.3 million yen (excluding tax)
(A set of the above RoboVision 2s main body and a processing PC)

RoboVision 2 SSD package 1.4 million yen (excluding tax)
(A set of the RoboVision 2 main body and processing PC, SSD (2 TB) for image recording)

RoboVision series option products

RoboVision 2s
Object detection library
Library with object detection function using point cloud data
RoboVision 2s
Package CarTrack
With tracking function, it can be used for inter-vehicle distance measurement and ACC control of a leading car
RoboVision 2
SSD package
Package that can save images to an external SSD and can continuously measure up to 4 hours
The latest stereo camera system
RoboVision 3
Sensible stereo camera with distance of up to 150 m, horizontal 100 ° and field of view

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