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Super high sensitivity stereo camera system RoboVision 2s

RoboVision 2s​ ​
In-car image
Automotive stereo camera system for ADAS / Autonomous Driving development
RoboVision 2s realizes accurate distance measurement and contributes to development and research using cameras!

Stereo camera (stereo vision) system RoboVision 2s has been introduced to more than 100 companies and universities and has been adopted as a tool for R & D, Autonomous Driving and ADAS development.

Four features of stereo camera RoboVision 2s utilized in development products

RoboVision 2s was developed as a robot's eye, operates with USB power supply to a characteristic compact cabinet like a hero's glasses, connects a cable to a PC, and can easily acquire an image by using a dedicated application.It is a stereo camera and
We will also develop software environment (sample software, software development kit) and contribute to development using stereo camera.

It corresponds to USB 3.0, easily obtains a long image at 30 fps

As a compatible interface, it is compatible with USB 3.0 and connected to a PC, and images can be easily measured with the included application. It corresponds to continuous image measurement of 4 hours or more at maximum 30 fps with image acquisition with SSD specified.

A rich software development environment, SDK is also included

You can prepare an application program interface (API) such as connection of stereo camera, acquisition and storage of images, and easy incorporation of measured images into user's software.

Compact and easy-to-handle housing

The size of the main body is W270.8 mm × D 109 mm × H 50 mm and is a compact housing, it can easily be mounted on the mirror part of the vehicle with a dedicated mount. It is also possible to fix with the top 1/4 inch screw hole.

Options corresponding to object detection and object tracking functions are also available

Detects the object from the image measurement result ahead of the camera and outputs information on the width, height and depth of the object. In addition, ZMP proprietary algorithms provide follow-up and tracking options for forward vehicles.

What is a stereo camera?

A stereo camera (stereo camera) is a camera that simultaneously photographs an object from a plurality of different directions using two cameras (two-eye camera) in the same manner as the principle that a person views an object, It is a camera that can measure information in the depth direction from the position information of the pixel of the camera. In ADAS (advanced driving support system), the stereo camera (stereo vision) is a device that is used for driving support such as automatic braking and white line recognition, using the distance between vehicles in front and acquired images.
In recent years it has been installed in mass-produced vehicles and has come to play a sensor function for directly controlling cars.

For explanation of stereo camera, see Autonomous Driving and ADAS "About stereo camera", please refer to the following page.

Main functions of stereo vision RoboVision2s

ZMP is consistently designing and manufacturing from hardware to software. With the function of the attached application, measure the distance from a photograph (image) taken with the camera to a specific object for a short time (high frame rate). Because it recognizes the distance in three dimensions (3D) with disparity information by the image processing of the stereo camera, we can also perform object detection and tracking in space with image processing software in real time and with high precision.

Image acquisition from stereo camera

Specify the image size of the two cameras and measure the image. Acquisition of color image of 30 fps at maximum 1280 × 960 pixels. In addition, continuous measurement over 4 hours can be done by utilizing SSD.

Distance recognition and measurement of highly accurate objects

Shot with 2 cameras · Detect left and right parallax. Under specific conditions, measure the distance of the object that is about 130 m away with an error within about 1%. It is possible to measure the distance of the object ahead 100 m or more.

Object detection by point group (matching data)

Get point cloud information three-dimensionally from disparity and distance measurement data, output the presence / absence of an object, its position and width / height (size).

Suppressing the influence of the inclination of the road surface, detection and tracking of the leading vehicle

It has its own algorithm that suppresses the influence of the inclination of the road surface and detects and tracks the leading vehicle and can be used for sensing the outside world and controlling the moving body.

Usage of stereo camera

Currently, the stereo camera system (stereo vision) is utilized in various places, but here we will introduce the use applications of RoboVision 2s.

Automobile advanced driving support system (ADAS)

Stereo cameras are applied to automobile advanced driving systems (ADAS) such as eye site etc., such as automatic brake support that detects and predicts forward obstacles with a camera and prevents (avoids) collision.

Autonomous Driving development

For Autonomous Driving development working on ZMP, stereo cameras are used for detecting obstacles in the surroundings, Image Recognition such as white line detection and signal detection, and self-location estimation using point cloud map (point cloud information).

Image processing technology development

By using stereo cameras, we can apply image recognition algorithms such as road surface condition detection and image recognition algorithms in conjunction with forward obstacle recognition and distance measurement, and apply them to more accurate object recognition control is possible.

Security measures

Stereo cameras are installed for security and preventive safety measures, covering places where people can not see, and they are used to detect people using object detection and Image Recognition technologies.

About image processing of stereo camera

In the image processing of stereo cameras, images (measurement images) taken with two cameras aligned on the left and right are captured as left and right from the camera, as well as depth Measure in a target. We also calibrate the image, it is possible to measure the distance with higher precision than the disparity information, detect the object and track it (tracking) by correcting the distortion of the photo by the lens and parallelization processing.

Adoption of unique calibration method

In order to improve accuracy and robustness, we adopted our own calibration method. Adopting a dedicated calibration board to improve working accuracy, converting image conversion to Canonical Image, and adopting a method to accurately extract the lattice point position of the image surely. Also improve optical filters and lenses to reduce the effects of moire and false colors.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is a function that produces images with moderate brightness by processing dark images and bright images to brighten dark areas and darken bright areas. By using the wide dynamic range function, by combining a bright image and a dark image, clear images can be acquired both in the bright and dark areas of the image.

Object detection algorithm

In the algorithm of object detection, the ground surface (road surface height) in the measurement image is calculated by specifying the attitude of attachment of the camera, and the point group (matching point) gathers together with the height of the road surface It judges that there is an object in the area, and outputs the width, height and position from the camera of the object.

Front-following feature

By improving the accuracy of the road surface estimation height and detecting the object from the relative height from the road surface, we developed an algorithm equipped with the tracking function of the preceding vehicle. Detected results also include devices that can output with CAN, and can be used as a reference sensor for sensors during development.

Description video of stereo camera RoboVision2s

Below is a description explanation video of the stereo camera unit RoboVision 2 so I think that you can see it for your reference.

Price of stereo camera RoboVision 2s

RoboVision 2s 900,000 yen (excluding tax)
(RoboVision 2s main unit, car mount, USB cable, CD-ROM (manual, SDK))

RoboVision 2s PC set package 1.3 million yen (excluding tax)
(A set of the above RoboVision 2s main body and a processing PC)

RoboVision 2 SSD package 1.4 million yen (excluding tax)
(A set of the RoboVision 2 main body and processing PC, SSD (2 TB) for image recording)

Stereo camera RoboVision2s option products

RoboVision 2s
Object detection library
Library with object detection function using point cloud data
RoboVision 2s
Package CarTrack
With tracking function, it can be used for inter-vehicle distance measurement and ACC control of a leading car
RoboVision 2
SSD package
Package that can save images to an external SSD and can continuously measure up to 4 hours
The latest stereo camera system
RoboVision 3
Sensible stereo camera with distance of up to 150 m and horizontal 110 ° field of view

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