【Introductory case introduction】 Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® 1/10 Utilization for human resource development

Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® 1/10 sold by ZMP Co., Ltd. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter referred to as ZMP) is an advanced mobility research vehicle of Nagoya University Future Society Creation Organization Mobility Area.It is introduced as course for students of autonomous operation control model. We are pleased to announce the case introduction on our website this time.

【RoboCar® 1/10 Application Case Study】 Nagoya University Future Society Creation Organization Mobility Area​ ​https://www.zmp.co.jp/case/110_180508

A state of practical training with RoboCar® 1/10 introduced in advanced mobility studies

​ ​In the mobility field Nagoya University Future Society Creation Organization, are pursuing research and human resource development aiming to realize green innovation on safe and secure transportation systems and systems with minimal environmental impact. In advanced mobility studies established since fiscal 2017, RoboCar® 1/10 is used as a teaching material to learn next-generation mobility design, and students are actually practicing to touch objects, think and practice. In practical training, we will learn the control of the vehicle from the outline of the Autonomous Driving car, the image processing using the camera, and finally the contest of Autonomous Driving control will be done. We aim to improve students' ability to solve problems by building control systems from Autonomous Driving control, implementing actual control using miniature cars.

RoboCar® 1/10 is a 1/10 size automobile research and development platform of a real vehicle that can carry out computer control with various sensors. The included software development environment (SDK) contains an API (Application Programming Interface) and sample programs that are necessary for controlling RoboCar, and the user can control the vehicle with its own program. RoboCar 1/10 is used in educational institution including universities, research and development of Autonomous Driving and driving support technology of automobile / parts manufacturers, research and development of autonomous mobile technology in construction machines · agricultural machines · mobile robots, and themes related to them.

Various options and packages are also available to respond to a wider range of R & D and training needs. "Front and rear laser range sensor set" equipped with laser sensors in front and behind to grasp the situation around the vehicle in a wide range, a dedicated PC for remote control, a Wi-Fi router, and a steering controller for remote control experiment customers. There is "RoboCar® 1/10 MATLAB connection 2017" which added "RoboCar® 1/10 remote operation package", a library for connecting MATLAB and RoboCar® 1/10 2016 and a vehicle model for route design.
Through the provision of an Autonomous Driving development platform and support for demonstration experiments, ZMP will continue to contribute to the improvement of Autonomous Driving technology.

【About ZMP RoboCar 1/10】

Features of RoboCar 1/10
· Compact car body allows laboratory work in indoor laboratory​ ​
· Computer control of steering and driving motors
. Sensors that grasp the surrounding environment, sensors that grasp the vehicle condition, etc. are installed.
· Sample program included. User program can be executed
. Switchable between automatic control mode and manual mode

RoboCar 1/10: General 800,000 yen (excluding tax) / Academic 680,000 (excluding tax)
RoboCar 1/10 Laser range sensor set:
General 104 million yen (excluding tax) / Academic 92 yen (excluding tax)
RoboCar 1/10 Remote operation package:
General 1.330 million yen (excluding tax) / Academic 1,210,000 yen (excluding tax)
RoboCar 1/10 MATLAB connection 2017 *: 200 thousand yen (excluding tax)
(※ MATLAB / Simulink is not included in the price above, and you already have RoboCar® 1/10 2016.)

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