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Real-vehicle experiment running service "RoboTest®"

Overview · Features

The public road travelling data acquisition support services “RoboTest” with a driver driving.

We support the acquisition and analysis of data at the time of driving on a public road by real vehicle for the purpose of customer's development and improvement of new products or condition of driver.

Issues when acquiring traveling data of a vehicle

Issue ① Build system for data acquisition Know-how · man-hour

Challenge ② Driver securing and management

ZMP's public road data acquisition service "RoboTest" solves these problems.

Service menu

Our RoboTest is not a simple traveling agent, we will support you with various service menus according to the following process.
RoboTest Service Process
· Planning support for data acquisition by ZMP engineers with abundant knowledge
Through development in the autonomous operation field, ZMP accumulates know-how and materials such as collecting and analyzing vehicle information, remodeling for installing the equipment.
Based on these, we will assist you in planning optimum data acquisition according to your purpose. We also deliberate at the Company's internal ethics committee whether planned plans are safe or ethical, so we will report the results.
· Support for development of various data acquisition systems related to vehicles, environment, and drivers
We will design and mount a system that selects various sensors and records them synchronously.
It is also possible for us to select equipment that meets customer requirements, we also provide services to store and select customer developed / selected equipment into the data collection system.
· Securing vehicles, drivers, safety managers and day-to-day management
ZMP Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Hertz United Group, Inc. (President and CEO: Eiichi Miyazawa, hereinafter referred to as HUG), conducts business related to "Debugging and Data Collection Experimental Agency for the Automotive Industry" ,ZEG Corporation (President and CEO Hisashi Taniguchi ), and is mainly responsible for RoboTest's driving business.
ZEG is based in major domestic cities, and can carry out driver assignment, vehicle procurement, data management work management all over the country.
RoboTest has collaborated with partner companies overseas, and has provided tracking data collection support similar to customers for customers.
· Conversion of acquired data and maintenance to analysis data set
We can respond flexibly according to customer's requirements, such as conversion of acquired vehicle CAN data to physical value (some can not be done depending on the model) and conversion to data set format to be loaded by customer's various systems.
Also, as preparation of learning data such as deep learning, tagging to images etc can also be done.
· Analysis and reporting of acquired data
We analyze and report on acquired data according to customer's purpose.
The content and method of analysis will be consulted individually.

What can be measured by RoboTest (example)

【Vehicle Information】

【Environment information】

【Driver Information】

Various delivered items

RoboTest prepares documents for each phase so that you can smoothly acquire traveling data.
We will organize them and deliver them as delivered items.

Delivery data

Delivery document type

Data quality check sheet


1 car model · 10 days running 6 million yen (excluding tax) ~
It is aimed at traveling after preparing passenger cars.
1 bus · 4 drivers · test course 2 days 6 million yen (excluding tax) ~
It is aimed at arranging buses and bus drivers.
We will adjust the contents of experiments according to customer's needs, such as changing the number of test subjects / number of vehicles / number of times of traveling, adding measurement items, accumulating data in the cloud system, using the vehicles owned by the user. Please contact us for details.

Measurement image

Example of figure data acquisition system
Sample of sensor vehicle for acquisition of running data

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