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Driving data acquisition solution “RoboTest® ”


Driving test on public roads & running data acquisition solution "RoboTest"​ ​
RoboTest® collects and analyzes photographed images in the real world including public roads related to Autonomous Driving technology / ADAS (advanced driving support system) and driving data. It is a service that can outsource the driving test at the public roads and test facilities required for developing the ADAS related system, the collection of driving data and the construction of the data collection system.

In addition, we can also use the partner company to Vehicle data measurement utilizing overseas bases, nationwide driving tests based in various parts of Japan, etc.
As a feature of the service, we will utilize the engineering skills of ZMP to provide data from customers such as planning experiments, examining specifications, arranging and installing equipment, arranging vehicles, collecting travel data, managing data, and processing data.It can be entrusted to the required specifications at the same time by service contract.

Data suitable for various customer's uses such as lane departure detection during driving in public roads, driver's dozing detection evaluation traveling, surrounding environment recognition data during traveling with an external camera, mass production test before factory shipment, fuel efficiency evaluation in a real driving environment.Measurement / sensor configuration is also proposed.

We also utilize the data analysis platform RDP (Robo Data Platform) to analyze and analyze data of various recognition objects such as vehicles, traffic lights, pedestrians, bicycles, white lines, signs etc. and tagging (semantic / segmentation etc).We will provide an environment that can process efficiently.

We support the acquisition, measurement and analysis of data during actual driving by the customer for the purpose of customer's new product development (prototype sensor), performance evaluation before mass production, driver monitoring, signage / road surface survey, etc.Solving problems related to data required of these very steps, please consider all means entrusted to ZMP.

RoboTest will “solve every problem” about data acquisition!​ ​​ ​
​ ​

Preparation becomes important to obtain desired data, which includes system design and construction, setup of equipment, arrangement of equipment, assignment of people, adjustment with related departments, internal office procedures and various preparatory adjustments.
Travel data measurement
Also, after preparatory adjustment is finished, various problems will also occur in each phase for running data.
The following describes the flow of preparation and troubles that are assumed for measuring traveling data, and various problems can occur in each phase.
By providing ZMP as a travel data acquisition solution "RoboTest", which is a service outsourcing service, we are able to help solve these problems related to running data.

RoboTest Service Menu

Our RoboTest is not a simple traveling agent, we will provide the necessary services flexibly through support services / outsourcing services according to customer's request in each phase.
Figure RoboTest Service Process and Menu

Characteristics of running test & running data acquisition solution RoboTest​ ​

Below, we will introduce some features of RoboTest for running data measurement solution.
· Engineers with abundant knowledge support from upstream processes
The ZMP engineer consults with the customer from the stage of examining specifications of the logger to confirm the data specifications and specifications of the sensor etc. and to capture data from sensors such as cameras, radars, lidars, etc. We will also provide high quality data.
· Purchase of equipment/No need to hold assets! Data only available
As for equipment, we can also select equipment (measuring equipment) that meets customer's requirements. In addition, we are also holding services selected by customer's research and development and incorporating them into data collection systems. Vehicles will also support traveling with new and secondhand cars or using vehicles that customers use.
· Prepare the optimum logging system according to your request
We will design and mount a system that selects various sensors and records them synchronously. In addition, it is also possible to sell loggers on the car (PC base logger and automotive correspondence logger etc) and use loggers used for measurement for later running tests.
· Secure experimental collaborators under various conditions such as age, gender, number of people
ZMP can utilize the travel management company ZEG to implement assignments of drivers that can test run on public roads throughout the country based on domestic major cities, manage vehicles, and manage data collection work. In addition, we will prepare management system for large-scale traveling such as test drive of new model vehicles, endurance running, evaluation traveling on the market and so on. Moreover, it is also possible to support traveling considering the state of the car such as inspection and maintenance before traveling, regular maintenance of car (tire exchange) etc.
· Provide conversion of acquired data and "data processing / analysis service environment"
Flexible according to customer's requirements such as converting measured and acquired vehicle CAN data to physical values, converting to the data set format to be loaded by various systems of customers, tagging and segmentation of image data.
As a data analysis environment, we provide a data analysis / analysis environment called Robo, Data Platform as a new service.
For the outline of the service, please refer to the product page of RDP (Robo Data Platform) for data analysis and analysis platform.

Data Analysis / Analysis Platform RDP (Robo Data Platform) product page

· Analysis and reporting of acquired data
We analyze and report on acquired data according to customer's purpose.
The content and method of analysis will be consulted individually. In addition, utilizing wifi communication, it is possible to consult with the server in real time on the access method of data obtained by web analysis application and grasp of the measurement situation etc.
· Driving area corresponding to domestic and foreign countries
Available for running not only on public roads in Japan such as highways, cities and suburbs, but also on public roads in overseas through overseas offices. As a vehicle traveling place, it is enable to run in the test course or test site in JARI (Japan Automobile Research Institute) or in chassis dynamo. Enable to realize the measurement with a scenario assumption depending on a traffic condition and environment. Deciding the traveling route from the map information in advance, we can provide an effective measuring result that is in high productivity.

Traveling test & running data acquisition solution RoboTest measurable contents (example)

【Vehicle Information】
​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​Winker operation (right, left)

【Environment information】
Traveling position (GPS information)
Vibration and shock to the underbody

【Driver Information】

Various delivered items
RoboTest prepares documents for each phase so that you can smoothly acquire traveling data.
We will organize them and deliver them as delivered items.

Delivery data

Delivery document type

Data quality check sheet


Travel evaluation of sensor on mass production vehicles of OEM (Car manufactures such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda)​ ​​ ​​ ​
· ADAS · Sensor benchmark evaluation test for autonomous operation development
· All over the country /Traveling environment in major countries/ Image measurement of traffic signs
· Survey of traveling trends of users such as road surface and inter-vehicle distance in emerging countries such as Asia and South America
· Establishment of database for driving data storage for population intelligence/reinforcement learning etc.



For RoboTest price, please contact us.

We will adjust the contents of experiments according to customer's needs, such as changing the number of test subjects, number of vehicles, number of times of running, adding measurement items, accumulating data in the cloud system, using the vehicles owned by the user. Please contact us for details.

Contract type (example)

Outsourcing contract (contract)
It is a service form that agrees the required specification of acquired data and commits the necessary data acquisition of your company at our company.
Business Support Contract / Business Delegation Agreement​ ​
It is a service form that carries out driver assignment and traveling amount according to customer's instructions.

Measuring image

Example of figure data acquisition system
Sample of sensor vehicle for acquisition of running data

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